Chocolate Gifts For Teachers – Show gratitude with SMOOR!

  • Post by  Smoor Chocolates Sep 03, 2021
Teachers are our mentors, not only in academics but in morals too. They are our guiding beacons since childhood as they inculcate values along with imparting knowledge. The teachings and lessons we get from them touch every aspect of our lives and show us the way forward. Since time immemorial, our culture has taught us to revere these selfless humans who touch our lives in different roles. Teaching by a professional or by a nurturer needs all the glory and appreciation we can offer.
With a deep sense of gratitude, we observe Teacher’s Day to honour and admire the efforts a teacher puts in to inspire and encourage us and to make us better citizens of this world. Surely, this day calls for a thoughtful gift for these individuals who have made a difference in our lives, a small gesture to show them how much the life lessons they have imparted through the years are helping us thrive today. Remembering that a teacher is not only the one who taught us in a classroom but also our parents and others who have helped us shape our life, we seek to make these individuals feel extra special today!
Gratitude comes in many packages, big and small, and has little to do with price and more with the intent of showing appreciation. Chocolate box speak the language of love the world over, thus forever dominating the list of gifts of gratitude.
Think SMOOR today to gift your teacher more than just chocolates - give them a memorable day with irresistible gooey goodness!
The exquisite chocolate boxes from SMOOR bring together an array of flavours, from handcrafted roasted almond slivers to delightful surprises buried in pralines. The enticing luxury box of Belgian chocolates will feed your soul while your palate cries out for more. These celebration chocolate boxes hide little bites of joys that not only your tastebuds rejoice in but also your sight. Believe us, these chocolate gift packs will definitely be a hit with your mentor and will be remembered forever. Maybe you are the new favourite student or child!
SMOOR cakes celebrate sinful indulgence with their Belgium, Dutch and Madagaskar variants. Their Gooey Chocolate Cake tickles your senses with swirls of exquisite buttercream and shards of couverture chocolate. These cakes make for a perfect slice of heaven for someone as special as your teacher.
Cupcakes bring on a sunny smile on kids as well as elders; you can’t go wrong with the cheer they spread! These individual petite cakes are not to be taken lightly, being as pleasing to the palate as the eyes.
SMOOR takes pride in offering their chocolates as snacks as well as desserts. Their premium collection of barks, pebbles, discs and dragees is a range of snackable goodness that will keep making you reach for more. The crunch of these snacking delights will be ingrained in your memory for a long, long time, as will be the experience. Why not make these a gift for your teacher today and experience the joy of pampering?
The elegant chocolate packing boxes expend an air of luxury in themselves. So, whichever SMOOR extravagance you decide to gift today will be as irresistible as the next. Go ahead and make your teacher’s day a beautiful memory with these seductive delectable from SMOOR.