SMOOR’s menu for 5-year celebrations!

  • Post by  Smoor Chocolates Aug 31, 2021
SMOOR’s menu for 5-year celebrations!
So we are celebrating five years of delectable delights –original creations that have charmed many a palate. Macarons, cakes, cookies, chocolates – they’ve all been a part of the lovely array that SMOOR has to offer. And as we reach this landmark, we have delicious treats lined up for you! Five superb SMOOR creations, to be exact – all set to create sweet-indulgent memories to last a lifetime.
Truffle’s a charm – our signature chocolate cake
First up is the Belgium Chocolate Truffle (Eggless) cake. Layer upon layer of creamy dark chocolate ganache and soft chocolate sponge create a melt-in-the-mouth experience. The best part - SMOOR offers the Belgium chocolate truffle cake half kg so that no one misses out on its magical charm.
Nutty pleasures – almond chocolate box
Almonds and chocolate – a match made in heaven. Our Almond Sensation chocolate gift box allows you to best experience this delightful meeting of flavours. Fine slivers of almonds are combined with both dark and milk chocolate to create a dessert box beyond comparison. Try this almond chocolate box now!
Macaron musings – best macaron gift box
We have redefined gifting with our range of macaron indulgences in an exciting flavour variety. Be it a true blue macaron lover, a connoisseur of cakes or a fan of chocolates, there is something here to please every taste bud. Log on to our brand new website,, for all things macaron – macaron chocolates, eggless macarons, macaron cupcakes, macaron cakes and customised macarons, apart from the traditional macaron. So go ahead, order your French macarons assortment gift box!
Desserts with passion – Intense 70% chocolate cake
When chocolate is what you crave, dig deep into our new Intense 70% Chocolate Cake. For all it has is chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Yes, it’s flour-free and gluten-free, making it an option you really can’t find an excuse to resist!
Raise the bar with Mayan chocolates
Our exotic range of Mayan bars in a variety of flavours promise a chocolate high. Try one, and you’re bound to reach out for the next!
First, there is the basic – Pure milk blended chocolate bar, with the unparalleled smooth texture of stone-ground couverture chocolate. When there’s a splash of vanilla added in, chocolate reaches an all-new level - our Vanilla blended chocolate bar is the perfect example. Deep flavours of coffee and dark chocolate come together in our Coffee blended dark chocolate bar, making for an intensely rejuvenating experience. Juicy orange finds its way into stone-ground dark chocolate, creating blissful bursts of flavour in the SMOOR Orange blended dark chocolate bar. Then there is the Fleur de sel blended bar that gives creaminess an all-new meaning with the smoothest-ever mix of milk chocolate and stone ground chocolate. If you’re looking for some fun, take a bite of the Chilli blended dark chocolate bar – a hint of that red spice in every bite will have you craving more and more!