Celebration Cakes – Their Look, Taste, and Legacy

  • Post by  Smoor Chocolates Sep 18, 2021

Celebration Cakes – Their Look, Taste, and Legacy


Cakes: Anytime Celebration
Cakes and celebrations – we cannot have one without the other today! But that’s not quite how it always used to be. Over time, cakes have become synonymous with joy, celebration, togetherness, and indulgence. That’s also because cakes have evolved significantly over the years and become more irresistible with time!

Let’s take a look at all there is to know and learn about the legacy of cakes.


Cake and its Humble Beginnings
Although we imagine cakes to be the brainchild of the British (what with their obsession with high-tea and tea cakes!) or even the French (remember how Marie Antoinette proclaimed that if you couldn’t afford bread, you should just eat cake instead?), here is a little surprise. It was the Germans who made the first birthday cake for a celebration called Kinderfest (the birthday of a child). If that seems like a strange fact, stranger still is that cake then wasn’t even close to being as sweet as it is today and had a much more bready texture.

With more innovation and advancements, the world of baking and cakes evolved significantly. Layers, decorations, and details soon became a part of special cakes.  More importantly, cakes started becoming more affordable and accessible to everyone.

Let’s take a look at cakes today, especially celebration cakes. We’ve come a long way from the plain vanilla and chocolate and learned to experiment with many more flavours and textures in sponges and fillings. Celebration cakes are a raging favourite today, and no design is beyond the scope of a good pâtissier.


The Changing Climate of Cake Gifting
Turn back a decade or more, and you would only notice celebration cakes during weddings and birthdays. Now you can see them at baby showers, anniversaries, engagements, and even casual parties. What’s more, the most enjoyable occasion to enjoy a cake is when there is none at all! The no-reason cake seems to bring out the greatest elements of surprise and joy. That’s probably why there is so much more scope to customize and personalize celebration cakes today. With the option of ordering celebration cakes online, you can send them to anyone, anywhere, and make your presence felt.


Cakes and Personalities
All celebration cakes have their own personality. Well, they also match certain personality types. So, if you are planning to send celebration cakes online, consider this information carefully before picking a flavour:

  • Vanilla: Don’t ever be fooled into believing that vanilla is plain or boring. In fact, this is for impulsive, fun-loving souls who never shy away from a dare.
  • Chocolate: For the star of the show, the heart of the party, and everyone’s 3 am friend! SMOOR shows you how chocolates can have many forms and shades. With a variety, including the Madagascar chocolate cake, Belgian dark chocolate hazelnut truffle, and Intense chocolate cake, you will never feel short-changed.
  • Truffle: Typical of the intense perfectionist, this is also for the one whose taste is always immaculate. SMOOR’s Belgium series of cakes are a hit with cake connoisseurs. Get a piece today!
  • Butterscotch: The warm, comforting flavour connects perfectly to the gracious host whose house and heart always feels warm, inviting, and allows you to let your hair down.
  • Fruit cake: This is for those who crave variety in experiences and are always curious to learn more.
  • Black forest: Celebrating the one who has arrived – a toast to accomplishment, hard work, and respect entirely deserved. Check out SMOOR’s Royal Black Forest cake – a delicious cake with layers of chocolate sponge, whipped cream & chocolate cream, topped with Santina dark cherries from Chile – to pull this feat off!
  • Coffee: For the person who has a large heart, a bigger storehouse for all your secrets, and the greatest space in their wise heads!
  • Red velvet: Much like its look, this is a cake for the classy, sophisticated one who never has a single hair out of place and can never have had too many drinks! SMOOR’s Naked Red Velvet cake is the talk of the town, much like your own taste is.
  • Carrot cake: This is for the person who amaze us with their level of self-control and practicality. Note how the perfect balance of flavours ties in so well with the meticulousness and perfection they always show!
  • Pineapple: Ideal for the loyal friend who can never fail you. So, what if they are plain and straightforward to a fault? It doesn’t take away from how special they are.


SMOOR’s celebration cakes are the pick of the lot. With an entire section devoted to customised cakes and flavours, we ensure that you now compete to make your celebrations SMOOR’s cake-worthy! And all our signature cakes are just a click away. Order celebration cakes online from SMOOR to gift some love today.