Why Chocolates Make for the Best Gifts?

  • Post by  Smoor Chocolates Sep 23, 2021
Why Chocolates Make for the Best Gifts

The origin of chocolate can be traced back to the ancient Mayans or even further back to the Olmecs, some of the earliest civilizations of Latin America. For the Mayans, and later the Aztecs, chocolate was the "drink of the gods"- bitter, spicy with thick froth on top, quite unlike the sweet and creamy hot chocolate we know today. Exceptionally revered, this drink was used in religious rituals and for celebrating victory in battles by warriors. The Aztecs even used cacao beans as currency and considered them to be more valuable than gold!
Almost 4000 years later, chocolate has come a long way and continues to be enjoyed and universally loved, making it a timeless and memorable gift.

Reasons why chocolates make for the best gifts:

They serve as an expression of love

Chocolates are a marvellous way to show affection and care to those you love. They are comforting, indulgent, and perfect for sharing! When it comes to romantic love, chocolate also acts as an aphrodisiac, making it a sensual gift for your significant other. It is no wonder then that chocolates are highly sought after on days such as Valentine's Day and anniversaries. You can even go a step further and customise a chocolate surprise box for your significant other!
They are versatile

The various forms of chocolate- milk and dark, bitter and sweet, rich and delicate, ensure that it meets a wide range of flavour profiles, adding to its universal appeal. Be it anniversaries, birthdays, housewarmings, corporate events, or any special occasion at all, SMOOR has got your back with its wonderful variety of chocolate gift boxes, hampers, and cakes that are guaranteed to meet the tastes of those you gift them to.   
Bring out our Royal Wedding Hamper for the perfect gift for couples, our Eleganza Corporate Hamper to build healthy relationships at work, our artisanal chocolate Box for birthdays, or build your own chocolate surprise box for a customized gift made with care.
They are good for wellbeing
While generally considered a symbol of indulgence, chocolates (especially of the darker variety) carry numerous health benefits. Dark chocolates are packed with antioxidants. Research has shown that they lower cholesterol, promote heart health, and help balance the immune system. Dark chocolate consumption has also been found to be amazing for mental health as they have proven to improve cognitive functions and reduce stress.
Our healthy but delectable Wellness chocolate boxes of dark chocolate barks, enriched with the goodness of Ayurvedic herbs like Giloy, Ashwagandha, Amla and Tulsi, make for the perfect guilt-free gifts for your health-conscious friends or someone you want to wish "Get well soon" to. Our Get Well Soon hamper is the best chocolate surprise box you can gift when looking for a healthful gift option.
They are an affordable luxury
Delicious and decadent, good quality chocolates make a luxurious gift for any occasion without breaking the bank. Starting at just Rs. 400, our couverture chocolate boxes come with an amazing variety of exquisite chocolates ranging from simple milk chocolate cubes to mango truffles, making these elegant gifts for any occasion. Our vast array of chocolate delicacies - chocolate pastries, chocolate cakes, chocolate boxes, and gift hampers guarantee that you will find something that fits your needs in your budget!
The search for a perfect gift can be a difficult one, but you could never go wrong with our extensive collection of luxury chocolate delicacies.