Host Perfect Diwali parties with our Luxury Diwali hampers

  • Post by  Smoor Chocolates Oct 23, 2021
Tips to Host the Perfect Diwali Party
Diwali parties are a time to strengthen bonds and make memories with the ones we love. With the Festival of Lights just around the corner, many of us are gearing up to host parties - a task that can be more daunting than it seems, considering the amount of planning that goes into it. With so much to do, it becomes easy to get overwhelmed, but with SMOOR's essential tips for hosting the perfect Diwali party, you can breathe a little easier and be all set to make this day special for everyone, even you.
Put together a guest list.
Guests are the most vital part of a party, so it is essential that the task of curating a guest list is not forgotten till the last minute. You should have a guest list in place at least two weeks before the party to ensure that you know exactly what you want, be it a small, intimate gathering or a large event. This will help you send out invitations well in advance and have a good idea about what you’re getting into.
Opt for curated gifts.
Gift-giving is a veritably important part of Diwali, and a surefire way to leave a lasting impression on the recipients’ hearts is to give them curated gifts. Curated gifts convey how much you care for the recipients and make gift-giving all the more meaningful. SMOOR has thoughtfully and meticulously created a spectacular range of luxury Diwali gift hampers making this process as effortless for you as it is delightful for your loved ones.
Plan the festive snacks and dinner ahead.
Make sure to plan out your menu well ahead of time, so you don't get overwhelmed at the last minute. Even as a cooking enthusiast, preparing all the dishes from scratch can be a recipe for disaster. SMOOR offers you a wonderful assortment of Diwali special chocolates like Pebbles, Dragees, Brittles, Almond Sensation, and more! These unforgettable treats make for wonderful snacks to complement any beverage, be it a refreshing cup of tea or even some festive bubbly. Furthermore, our Macaron boxes make for the perfect desserts to end the celebration on a sweet note.
Organize fun activities.
There is no better way to amp up the festive spirit than with card games. Keep a few decks handy to play Blackjack, Rummy or any other fun card game with your guests. For any children that attend your party, make sure to have kid-friendly board games as well! To raise the stakes, you could have SMOOR's luxury Diwali hampers as exquisite prizes for winners!
Immortalize the memories with pictures.
The best way to preserve memories of happy days of celebration is to immortalize them in pictures. You can set up a makeshift photo booth by mounting a camera on a tripod with beautiful, festive decorations as the backdrop. You can also add a few props at the booth to enhance the fun. Taking impromptu pictures of the guests enjoying themselves is another great option. It is an excellent way to capture guests at their happiest and most candid moments.
Put your own spin on tradition.
To make celebrations even more personal and meaningful, you could start your own unique rituals like sending out our beautifully handcrafted Diwali special chocolates along with your invitations, having friends and family give each other toasts, organizing a few fun-filled rounds of karaoke, or handing out personalized goodbye notes.
Congratulations on taking the first steps to throwing your own amazing Diwali party! Even though it may seem like a big ordeal right now, with these simple yet efficient tips and tricks, you can say goodbye to the stress of planning a party. Use them as a checklist to know that you are always on the right track and keep yourself prepared for any situation that might arise. Remember, at the end of the day, this festival is all about coming together with the ones you love to celebrate, so don’t spread yourself too thin and make sure to enjoy yourself.