Iconic Pairings to Spice Up Your Diwali Chocolate Gift box

  • Post by  Smoor Chocolates Oct 29, 2021
Iconic Pairings to Spice Up Your Diwali Chocolate Gift box
Savouring luxury chocolate on its own is an indulgent experience unlike any other. But combining its lush, rich flavours and textures with the right ingredients can take the tasting experience to new heights. SMOOR’s Diwali Gifting range brings you several such iconic pairings to spruce up your gifting experience and bring joy to the recipients and the givers alike. You could also stock up on a few of our Diwali special chocolates to serve them as snacks during your festive get-togethers.
Here are some of the most iconic chocolate pairings to spice up this festive season.
Diwali Special - Praline Boxes
A sensual trip for the tastebuds, our Diwali Special Praline boxes are packed with luxurious milk and dark chocolates with ‘hearts’ of berries and nuts nestled delicately in a layer of velvety smooth ganache. These delicious pralines come in exotic flavours like Caramelia, Salted Sesame, Hazelnut Orange, Almond Coriander, and more! Nestled neatly in elegant white boxes, our pralines make for charming presents that will make this Festival of Lights even more vibrant.

Almond Sensation
The decadent pairing of almonds and chocolate has stood the test of time for a reason- the crunch and nuttiness of almonds emphasize the sweetness and smooth texture of chocolate and vice versa. Our Almond Sensation tin does this combination justice with 16 clusters of roasted almond slivers drenched in fine milk and dark chocolate. Festive and indulgent, these treats are the perfect replacement for the traditional mithais, which are in abundance during the festive season, making them stand out.

A chocolatey twist on the traditional peanut and jaggery chikki, our Brittles comprise slabs of fine chocolate embedded with nuts that make for a marvellous treat to snack on with a steaming hot cup of tea. Encased neatly in artisanal packaging, they come in incredible varieties of roasted cashews and peanuts, and delicately sweet honeycomb and are the perfect additions to the chocolate surprise box to astonish your loved ones. Brittles make for the perfect snacks for relishing with others, deepening bonds by virtue of shared memories.
Simply tantalizing, our Dragees chocolate gift box with roasted nuts and berries coated with layers of Belgian chocolate, crispy crepe-like Feullitine and a dusting of cocoa powder. With a delicious assortment of tangy blueberries and lightly roasted almonds and hazelnuts, these bite-sized delights are the perfect accompaniment to any beverage, be it green tea or a glass of champagne. Express your gratitude for those who mean the most to you with this exquisite set of Dragees at the best chocolate box gift price.
Our Pebbles are a quirky fusion of delicious fruit enrobed in luscious dark and white chocolate crafted in the shape of smooth river stones, equal parts enrapturing and delicious. With flavours like piquant salted mango; sweet freeze-dried strawberries; and plump, tart cranberries, these delicacies make for perfect conversation starters. Encased in gorgeous golden tins, our Pebbles make for wonderful standalone gifts or an unforgettable addition to your chocolate surprise box. These whimsical treats are guaranteed to delight your inner child and make the festive season even more special!
Wellness Barks
The best gift to cater to the needs of your health-conscious friends and family, our Diwali Special Wellness Barks are an intoxicating blend of fine dark chocolate and the goodness of Ayurvedic herbs: Ashwagandha, Giloy, Tulsi, and Amla. Gift them by themselves or as part of a chocolate gift box to celebrate the wellbeing and vitality of your loved ones. With protection and healing being a crucial part of prayers, these make for exquisite gifts for auspicious days like Diwali.
Committed to bringing you the most extraordinary culinary experiences, at SMOOR we have concocted incredible chocolate pairings that will take all your senses to a realm of pure bliss. Add any of these delicacies to your chocolate gift box and watch as the ones you love are overcome with delight.