SMOOR Diwali Hampers – 5 Picks to Get You Started

  • Post by  Smoor Chocolates Oct 07, 2021
Gift-giving during times of festivities is an age-old tradition in India and is a way to build bonds, spread happiness, and feel more connected to the ones we love. Since this custom holds such immense value, it becomes important to put thought into what we are giving and how much it would mean to the receiver. There is nothing quite like the look of pure joy when our loved ones open a gift that they can cherish! However, we all know how stressful it is to find the perfect gift for our loved ones. Buy Diwali hampers online on the SMOOR website and say goodbye to the stress!
No Diwali celebration is complete without a box of delicious sweets that can be shared and relished with others.  At SMOOR, we have curated a wonderful array of luxury Diwali gift hampers with both packaging and a selection of delectable delicacies carefully chosen to brighten up this festive season. Picking out the best hampers from the collection is an impossible task, with each hamper shining brightly in its own right, with its own distinct flair, but here are five of the best to get you inspired to make your own choice from our wide repertoire.

Assorted Diwali Delight
Each delicacy in this gorgeous artisan gift hamper is handpicked with the intention of lighting up the faces of those who receive it, making this Festival of Lights all the more luminous. This luxury Diwali hamper contains freeze-dried coffee for a refreshing morning drink, a box of couverture chocolates that deluge you in pure indulgence, choco-coated nuts that make a scrumptious snack to serve and much, much more to satisfy a myriad of cravings.
Golden Delight Tray
Encased in a bewitching white box adorned with golden patterns lie the most scrumptious assortment of goodies you have ever seen. This exquisite box promises to engulf the receiver in pure opulence and amp up the festive mood. Every treat in this hamper can be enjoyed by both young and old alike, creating fond memories all the way.

Indulgence Hamper - White Box
Celebrations are a time of indulgence and unfettered jubilation, and that is exactly what our Indulgence Hamper represents. This exquisite hamper will stand out at times of festivities when sweets are in abundance with its alluring white case brimming with chocolate goodies of unmatched flavour. The ones you love deserve to feel special and adored and lose themselves in the decadence of luxury chocolates, so buy Diwali gift hampers from SMOOR to make this possible.

Festive Fiesta
This resplendent wooden tray of delectable delights is jam-packed with not only sinfully indulgent sweets but also healthy treats such as the Wellness Barks which are dark chocolate barks infused with Ayurvedic herbs. Not only does it contain such stupendous treats, but it also comes in veritably aesthetically pleasing packaging. Each delicacy in this hamper is lovingly handcrafted and conveys the utter warmth of the one who is gifting it. Perfect for the health-conscious and those that simply want a delectable experience, these treats will transcend you to a new level at this Festival of Lights!

Gardenia Gift Hamper
Looking for a unique twist on gift baskets? Go for our striking Gardenia Gift Hamper! With delightful treats packed neatly in a striking red planter, this one-of-a-kind gift hamper is divine not only in looks but also in flavour. The planter can be used for growing herbs, flowers, vegetables and will brighten up any space. Versatile and delicious, this planter of joy will win the hearts of any plant-lover.
Diwali is a time for sharing in each other’s happiness and making memories and with SMOOR’s magnificent Diwali gifting line, you can make this season of festivities a special one. Browse the Diwali Gifting Selection on our website for a peek at our other equally amazing products that will cater to all your needs and preferences. Buy Diwali gift hampers from our website to get them delivered straight to your doorstep!