Single Origin Chocolates

  • Post by  Smoor Chocolates Aug 05, 2021
What Are Single Origin Chocolates?
Single-origin chocolates are exquisite, delicately nuanced chocolates where the cocao beans, the prime ingredient in chocolate, are cultivated in a particular region. This gives the chocolate a unique flavour. The signature taste and layered notes are intrinsically influenced by the kind of conditions the beans are grown in.
The bean-to-bar story is fascinating… From where the cacao beans are sourced, the infrastructure the chocolate is developed in, and the packaging of the sweets, to the decisive moment in time when you take the first delicious bite, the journey of the perfect chocolate, is long, often meandering and always incredibly engaging.
Smoor Single-origin Chocolate
At Smoor, we respect the journey and go out of our way to ensure that we do all we can to ensure that we bring you the finest experience in chocolate.
  • Our single-origin chocolates are carefully curated to bring you the best flavours in beans sourced from across the country.
  • The beans are ethically sourced from plantations where organic methods of regenerative farming processes are followed; and the farmers are well taken care of with fair wages and healthcare.
  • We are spearheading a campaign on #VocalForLocal and ensuring that at Smoor we do our best to tap into local resources at every point we can. Enjoy our single origin chocolates - join us in our endeavour.
Guide to Single-origin Smoor Chocolates
Our bean-to-bar artisanal authentic Indian chocolates come in an array of fascinating flavours and tastes:
Mahabaleshwar Berries
This artisanal chocolate brings you the freshness of luscious Mahabaleshwar berries: cherries, strawberries, blueberries and cranberries. The delicious, anytime chocolate is guaranteed to delight your senses - with a burst of flavours on your palate and an aesthetic treat for your eyes.
Chatpata Mango
A quaint one this one, it will please you with its spicy perkiness. The chocolate has salted mango, chili, cumin and fennel. Hmm… the inimitable flavours of the Indian summer in your chocolate!
Indian Flora
For those who love all things floral, you have found your sweet match in this bean-to-bar artisanal chocolate. Lavender, hibiscus and the heady scent of jasmine ensures a bouquet of flavours that’s bound to serenade you with its romance.
Peanut Chikki
This chocolate takes you on a nostalgia trip and is a throwback to childhood. Enjoy it with your friends or delight your children with a surprise gift. Crunchy peanut and jaggery enfolded in rich chocolate - what can be a more perfect combination, tried-tested down the years in Indian homes.
Honey crunch with nuts
For the sophisticated palate, this does brilliantly as a nibble after dinner or even with sundowners. The rich flavour of roasted dry nuts with the subtle sweetness of honey combines delightfully.