Best Luxury Chocolate? Try SMOOR!

  • Post by  Smoor Chocolates Aug 05, 2021
‘A chocolate is a chocolate is a chocolate…’ right? No.
 When it comes to SMOOR premium chocolates, Gertrude Stein’s famous line  - about a rose in the poem ‘Sacred Emily’ -  doesn’t quite work. SMOOR chocolates are premium couverture chocolates that qualify as some of the best chocolates in the world. If it’s your first experience, you’ll be blown out of your mind by the sheer luxury of taste, texture and divine aroma.
So, what’s so special about SMOOR?
Top Quality Couverture Chocolate
First off, SMOOR’s signature products are all crafted out of couverture chocolate. For the uninitiated, couverture chocolate contains a higher percentage of cocoa butter – sometimes as much as 39% - than regular chocolates, making for a unique velvety texture and delicate richness. Soft as the cocoa butter in it, the couverture chocolate literally melts in the mouth, leaving a delicate lingering aroma for long afterwards. It is sheer poetry in chocolate.
In sharp contrast, ‘regular’ branded chocolate that uses very little or no cocoa butter, substituting it with vegetable oil, is hard and brittle and leaves you with an oily taste in the mouth.
The use of vegetable oil makes the chocolates harder, easier to store and transport. This allows for greater visibility in a tropical country like ours. On the other hand, couverture chocolates are delicate, have a low melting point, and need special care for packaging and storing. The difference is directly reflected in the taste, texture and aroma of the chocolates.
For the SMOOR Premium chocolate range, we use only couverture chocolate from Belgium produced by highly skilled chocolatiers trained by pastry chefs who have years of experience in chocolate products.
Ingredients Ensure Best Luxury Chocolate Experience
The making of chocolate is a time-consuming, laborious process using a multitude of ingredients. At SMOOR, we ensure that all the ingredients match the top quality Belgium chocolate that we use. So whether it is mixed spices and nuts or coconut milk and rice crisps, we source all ingredients from certified dealers, ensuring the best quality and hygiene.
Equipment to Maintain Premium Chocolates Edge
Raw materials are stocked in facilities with optimum temperature, and humidity is maintained at all times with continuous power back up. The equipment used is of the highest quality to ensure there is no spoiling of the product when in the make. Our personnel, both at the factory and outlets, are fully trained in operations; and maintain the highest hygiene standards at every step of the processing chain, right up to handing over the purchase to the customer.
Quality Analytics Befitting a Premium Chocolate Brand
To ensure double checks at all points to maintain quality and premium taste, SMOOR has an in-house R & D department and a quality analysis department. The personnel in these departments have a single focus: maintaining the highest quality in the entire processing chain from - procuring raw material to production and distribution.
Luxury, the cornerstone of SMOOR
Sure, chocolate is comfort food, but it is no dal-chawal – the go-to food for most Indians. Chocolate is meant to be an experience; it is meant to bring on a feeling of bliss. At its best, it is luxury defined by all the senses. Authentic gourmet chocolate must look good, smell great and taste the best. SMOOR chocolates are an aesthetic delight – whether they are the individual multi-flavoured chocolates in the boxes or the elegant barks and snacking chocolates. The artisanal packaging completes the making of the perfect gift. Lyrical, retro interpretations of botanicals make for the charming print on the packaging that is the signature of SMOOR.
A Jaw-dropping Range of Online Chocolates & In-Store
Oh, the variety. There are XXX types of chocolates that the brand offer. From bite-sized pralines and bars to quaint ‘stirrer’ chocolates and barks – there’s an amazing kaleidoscopic world of premium chocolate awaiting you at SMOOR.
Come, enjoy the SMOOR experience!