Christmas Hosting Essentials for Party

  • Post by  Smoor Chocolates Dec 03, 2021
Parties are the heart of any festival, and Christmas parties are among the best and biggest. But getting together to celebrate the holy season brings with it many to-dos & yes, stress too! So, here’s a plan to help you host the perfect party ever without tearing your hair out. (To begin with, how do you even choose from trillions of Christmas party ideas? We tell you how.)
Here are some practical ways to nail your perfect Christmas Party.
Create a guest list
It is wise to streamline things a little early instead of rushing to do things last minute. Get your planner or use your Google doc to list out the people you are considering inviting. First, the immediate family members and your circle of close friends, followed by colleagues and finally, acquaintances you would like to socialize with. Once you have a list in place, think of a way to invite all of them.
Send out invitations
The first question here is, “which medium?” Do you want to print and mail your invitations? Or e-invite them? Or perhaps you want to send a personal text to each one of them? Take some time to reflect on this and decide on a medium that best suits your personality. Once you have picked, come up with a great Christmas-themed invitation message. Personal, the better. Make them feel they are truly welcome at the party.
Next stop, décor!
How do you want to go about your décor? Is it going to be a vintage Christmas setting? Or Traditional Red themed interior? (which is a classic choice by the way!) Or perhaps a contemporary theme with neutral colours and geometric Christmas motifs? Pinterest can help you pick the right vibe for this (Christmas party ideas come alive here!). Go through the pins to get an idea of how you can experiment with your décor or choose one that speaks to you the most through images. Once you are done, go shopping!
Ah, a party without games is no party at all! Entertaining our guests is an essential factor in ensuring they are having a great time. Depending on the number of people you plan to invite, explore some game ideas that can break the ice. For instance, decking the Christmas tree could be an ideal game plan given the theme, and since the game is played in teams, the healthy competition can bring so much life to the party. Explore more games that can keep your guests well occupied! On that note, we have…
Food, snacks & gifts
What better way to give them a great time! Great food equals great appreciation for the host/hostess. So, choose your source wisely. Serve fancy platters filled with mouth-watering treats from SMOOR. Known for its decadent festive treats and exquisite gift hampers for all occasions, there is no better choice than SMOOR when it comes to Christmas hosting essentials.
The Christmas range by SMOOR is the absolute menu for anyone looking to create the perfect party menu. Take a look at all these delicious options:
Plum Cake – The traditional plum cake can be your vintage party hit!
Fruit Cake – If kids are involved, there is no better choice than SMOOR’s fruit cake!
Madeleines – These small butter cakes are a Christmas staple and is known for their soft richness. They are ideal as snacks!
Mendiants – These chocolate discs topped with nuts & dry fruits are a great companion to your wine. Adults will love them!
Christmas Cupcakes – The dreamy cupcakes look perfect on the table and taste delicious on the palate. Either way, it’s a win-win!
Christmas Macarons – Macs are an inevitable part of Christmas parties with their joyful colours and sweet flavours!
Check out the full range at our Christmas section. Once you have picked your ideal nibbles for the party, head to SMOOR’s hampers section to choose gifts for your guests. Some excellent choices await to show your appreciation for them!

It is daunting to have so many Christmas party ideas to play with. So, having your party plan in place is an excellent way to ensure you don’t lose track & the party is a success. Use these pointers to plan everything beforehand and to give you a hassle-free time. Good luck!