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Chocolate bars

Chocolate bars
No matter the occasion, you are sure to find your perfect chocolate bar or a chocolate bar box at SMOOR. Browse through our collection of chocolate bars online, or be sure to pick them up at our lounges!





No matter the occasion, you are sure to find your perfect chocolate bar or a chocolate bar box at SMOOR. Browse through our collection of chocolate bars online, or be sure to pick them up at our lounges!
True bar (Pack of 6)
Rs. 1,325.00
From rich luxury dark couverture chocolates with 40-70% cocoa, to creamy bars of 33.6% milk couverture chocolate, this delectable pack has an assortment of interesting flavours in exotic chocolates: almond, biscuit crunch, caramel crunch, Himalayan pink salt & more. A delicious gift to give, and so pretty too!   i. ROASTED ALMOND MILK CHOCOLATE BARIngredients: Milk Chocolate (Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Milk Solids (23%), Cocoa Solids, Emulsifier - (INS 322(i)), Artificial Flavouring Substance (Vanillin)), Roasted almond (12%).ii. BISCUIT CRUNCH MILK CHOCOLATE BARIngredients: Milk Chocolate (88%) (Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Milk Solids (23%), Cocoa Solids, Emulsifier - (INS322(i)), Artificial Flavouring Substance (Vanillin)), Biscuit (12%) (Refined Wheat Flour (Maida), Sugar, Edible vegetable fat (Palmolein), Cocoa Solids (2.3%), Invert Sugar, Leavening agents (INS 500(ii), INS 503(i)), Iodized salt). "CONTAINS VEGETABLE FAT IN ADDITION TO COCOA BUTTER".iii. SPICY INDIAN CHILLI DARK CHOCOLATE BARIngredients: Dark Chocolate (99.3%) (Cocoa Solids, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier (INS 322(i)), Artificial Flavouring Substance...
True Bar - Biscuit Crunch Chocolate
Rs. 240.00
The richness of quality chocolate with the crunchiness of fresh cookies – what’s not to like? Our True Bar Biscuit Crunch Chocolate Bar comes packaged in delightful wrappers with illustrations of cookies and cocoa in a quirky combo, leading you into a burst of taste. Created with quality ingredients, this beautiful bar of chocolate embossed with a cocoa motif makes for a great gift to carry along wherever you go. This True Bar Biscuit Crunch Chocolate is right for any occasion and any time of the day. In fact, it is so creamy and delicious that you would be looking for an excuse to indulge in this yummy experience. Our suggestion? Satisfy your in-between-meals hunger pangs with our biscuit-crunch chocolate True Bar. Pairs deliciously with a cup of a warm beverage. The promise of quality The True Bars from SMOOR are a class apart. They bear the promise of premium...
True Bar - Himalayan Pink Salt Chocolate
Rs. 240.00
With 33% milk chocolate, and a twist of Himalayan Pink Salt, the True Himalayan Pink Salt Chocolate Bar is a truly delectable indulgence for those who have a penchant for creamy chocolate in interesting flavours. The smooth texture of high-quality sweet milk chocolate, offset by the exciting zing of salt, serenades mature tastes with elegance and class. Crafted to perfection, the True Himalayan Pink Salt Chocolate Bar is an ode to a fine taste. It is believed that Himalayan salt matures overs millions of years without any interaction with pollutants or toxins and is, therefore, healthier. The unique blend of the health-giving salt with fine chocolate is one of SMOOR’s many innovations. Subtlety is a mark of class When you want to keep it classy, make sure that you choose subtlety. The True Himalayan Pink Salt Chocolate Bar is literally ‘the bar’ of subtlety and class. So, enjoy the flavours,...
True Bar - Spicy Indian Chilli Dark Chocolate
Rs. 240.00
An irresistible pack of indulgent chocolate bar, the unique Spicy Indian Chilli Dark Chocolate Bar from SMOOR has 54.5% dark chocolate in combination with Indian chilli powder. A fiery combination of taste and zest! The intensely flavoured dark chocolate infused with chilli will tickle taste buds and catch the fancy of all who love culinary experiments. Take it home or gift it to a foodie friend. A perfect treat for those who love all things quirky, the Spicy Indian Chilli Dark Chocolate Bar has dark chocolate of the finest quality, natural vanilla flavour, and chilli powder to spice up your snack time deliciously! Bite into this luscious dark chocolate and enjoy the burst of rich sweet flavour along with the spicy notes of Indian chilli. Chocolate and chilli, a potent combination This handcrafted Spicy Indian Chilli Dark Chocolate Bar is nothing like your regular chocolate bars and gives you the...
True bar - Caramel Crunch Chocolate
Rs. 240.00
A delectable combination of crunchy caramel and rich milk chocolate, the True Bar Caramel Crunch Chocolate has a generous 33.6 % of milk chocolate. Creamy and crunchy all at once, these sensational True Bars are irresistible for those who appreciate fine quality and taste. This is particularly suited to be gifted to children and the child-like. No matter how many of these you pick up, you will keep going back for more! Savour the delicious caramel crunch chocolate bar made with the finest, textured chocolate - guaranteed to satisfy those sudden chocolate cravings. The crunchy caramel with rice crispies added for extra punch makes this chocolate outing super fun. Great for an anytime break indeed, these caramel fudge crunch bars! How is chocolate good for you? Besides giving you the satisfaction of good taste and the feeling of indulgence and luxury, chocolate is good for health too. It is packed...
True Bar - Mixed Nuts Milk Chocolate
Rs. 240.00
Rich and beautifully textured, True Bar Mixed Nuts Milk Chocolate from SMOOR is crafted with 33.6 % milk chocolate and is loaded with the added goodness of roasted mixed nuts: a delicious medley of cashews, almonds, pistachios and raisins. Nuts bring you good fats, and chocolate is a known mood-booster – the perfect combination of wellness and taste. Specially crafted to delight those with a refined taste, this delicious True Bar Mixed Nuts Milk Chocolate ranks at the top among snacks when you need to grab a quick bite to keep you pepped up and energized. Throwback to good times The True Bar Mixed Nuts Milk Chocolate harks back to childhood times gone by where the combination of milky chocolate and nuts were a favourite. SMOOR gives the traditional combo a delicious taste upgrade using the finest, most authentic ingredients and methods. The charming wrapper and the cocoa-print embossed on...
True Bar- Roasted Almond Milk Chocolate Bar
Rs. 240.00
Creamy, rich, and amalgamating the delicious flavours of milk chocolate and nuts, the Slow Roasted Almond Chocolate Bar ticks all the right boxes. The goodness of almonds and their elevated taste is hard to miss. Mixed with a percentage of milk chocolate and cocoa butter, it offers the best of both worlds for chocolate lovers, something for the ones who like the slight crunch and for those who must have creamy, rich indulgence. We bet you won’t be able to stop once you go for a bite of our Slow Roasted Almond Chocolate Bar. Can’t find that ideal bar of chocolate that perfectly marries the taste of cocoa and milk? The Slow Roasted Almond Chocolate Bar is all you need. Expect delightful flavours mixed together for your benefit, along with the right textures, which leave you asking for more. Creamy Flavours Do the Trick Cocoa butter, milk chocolate and roasted...
Chilli Blended Dark Chocolate Bar
Rs. 415.00
Looking to nibble on something different from the usual? Get set to fulfil your craving with SMOOR’s Chilli Blended Dark Chocolate Bar. Yes, you heard that right! Intense, rich dark chocolate combines with fiery chilli powder to create a piquant sweet-spicy blend. Pairs up beautifully with a full-bodied Red – perfect for mature gourmets. Carry home for a fulfilling nibble or gift a discerning friend. Enjoy as is, or add this chocolate to desserts or baked goodies for an interesting chilli kick. Or break it up roughly and top vanilla ice cream and have your guests asking for more. The Chilli Blended Dark Chocolate Bar is truly versatile. A diverse range of chocolates from SMOOR Take your pick from a premium range of chocolates from SMOOR that raises the bar on innovative indulgence. The Chilli Blended Dark Chocolate Bar revs up your system and energizes you instantly. This one is...
Fleur De Sel Blended Bar
Rs. 415.00
This exotic blended bar is made using the finest stone-ground chocolate that extracts the best from the chocolate and retains its natural, earthy flavour. The Fleur De Sel Blended Bar presents delicious creamy milk chocolate with a piquant hint of sea salt. Fleur de sel, or ‘flower of salt’ in Spanish is a salt that forms thin, delicate flower-like crystals on the surface of seawater. The sophisticated combination of tastes sweet and salty, presented in our Fleur De Sel Blended Bar, is perfect for gifting those with a penchant for elegant taste. Or be enjoyed with friends who appreciate the fine nuances of life. In keeping with its name, this exquisite chocolate is packaged in a charming floral wrapper. The floral embossing on the chocolate itself also resonates in perfect harmony with its exquisite taste. From the outside in, the Fleur De Sel Blended Bar is a tantalizing experience for...
Coffee Blended Dark Chocolate Bar
Rs. 415.00
The exquisite balance of fine coffee mixed with 54 percent stone-ground cocoa is what richness and depth are all about. A heady brew of coffee and dark chocolate, this one is for mature tastes. SMOOR’s premium Coffee Blended Dark Chocolate Bar is made of the finest couverture luxury chocolate that celebrates the good life. The traditional pairing of coffee and chocolate is crafted with expertise and love in this Coffee Blended Dark Chocolate Bar from SMOOR, creating the perfect treat to enjoy and to gift. It is common to find a dash of coffee in chocolate-flavoured desserts and a hint of chocolate to build on the aroma of coffee. SMOOR’s Coffee Blended Dark Chocolate Bar celebrates this union. Divided perfectly into bite-sized portions, you can either savour it for days or have it all in one go! Brewing a delightful experience The heart-loving goodness of dark chocolate paired with the...
Cranberry Dark Chocolate Bar
Rs. 480.00
This is a chocolate bar like none other. The mildly nutty taste of cranberry explodes in your mouth as you bite into the velveteen chocolate. Creating a medley of flavours – a hint of bitter, delicate sweetness and an underlying tartness – SMOOR’s Cranberry Dark Chocolate Bar is the ideal pick for anyone looking for an unusual chocolate experience. With 70% dark chocolate, this is a bar that every discerning chocolate lover must savour.   You can call SMOOR’s Cranberry Dark Chocolate Bar a dessert, a healthy snack, or even a superfood. The careful coupling of cranberry and dark chocolate is not just an authentic treat for the taste buds but also a healthy gastronomical delight. Chocolate Cranberry Capers We have given you ample reason to make the Cranberry Dark Chocolate Bar part of your daily diet. This is also a clear favourite among kids who enjoy the delicious fruity...
Zesty Orange Dark Chocolate Bar
Rs. 420.00
Think dark chocolate pairings and orange has to be among the first options that come to mind. That is because this is a legendary combination known to create a deliciously balanced blend of tastes. SMOOR’s Zesty Orange Dark Chocolate Bar has the perfect appeal of a timeless classic where 55% dark chocolate combines with delicately caramelized orange zest adding a hint of mature bitters to the chocolate. Dark chocolate is among the healthiest forms of chocolate. It is heart-healthy, great for those who are weight and fitness conscious, and ideal if you need the energy without heaps of sugar. The Zesty Orange Dark Chocolate Bar is a guilt-free snack you can enjoy any time of day. Rekindling a zest for life SMOOR’s Zesty Orange Dark Chocolate Bar is as enticing as it is delicious. Vibrant Mediterranean colours package the chocolate perfectly. The bright orange of the tangerines creates the ideal...
True Bar - Belgian Dark Couverture Chocolate Bar (No Added Sugar)
Rs. 355.00
The health-conscious may now rejoice, for we have the ideal chocolate offering for them to indulge in. With no added sugar (yes, you read that right), the Belgian Dark Couverture Bar is just the decadent True Bar that ought to be on your radar, especially if you are someone who counts calories. The mature taste of antioxidant-rich dark chocolate, expertly crafted and packaged in a delightful sleeve with a retro botanical print, is a joy to savour and to gift. The cocoa beans embossed on the rich chocolate adds an interesting element. Indulge in the decadent flavours of SMOOR’s Belgian Dark Couverture Bar, a healthy option for those who don’t wish to cut back on that one piece of chocolate every day. Especially made keeping your fitness requirements in mind, it comes sans added sugar, ensuring that you enjoy your chocolate and do it free of guilt as well. Dark,...
Orange Blended Dark Chocolate Bar
Rs. 415.00
The timeless romance between dark chocolate and orange comes alive in SMOOR’s premium Orange Blended Dark Chocolate Bar. The stone-ground chocolate used to create this delicacy intensifies its taste, while orange adds a tartness that contrasts beautifully with the richness of dark chocolate. Packed with the antioxidant-rich goodness of dark chocolate and Vitamin C from the citrusy orange, this bar of exotic chocolate is a great gift for someone who appreciates the unusual. SMOOR’s Orange Blended Dark Chocolate Bar makes for a scrumptious anytime snack, a great way to complete a meal, and the ideal way to kickstart a celebration. Bring home some good bars right away! Live the romance of dark chocolate Other than being good for the heart, dark chocolate is also considered to be a popular aphrodisiac, the ambrosia of love. With its rich intense taste this is the perfect way to serenade your special one. The...
Vanilla Blended Chocolate Bar
Rs. 415.00
The most celebrated pairing in confectionary, vanilla and chocolate are a match made in heaven. SMOOR brings this marriage to your palette with the Vanilla Blended Chocolate Bar. Stone-ground chocolate combines effortlessly with the finest quality vanilla to create a super delicious, timeless creation. SMOORs Vanilla Blended Chocolate Bar packs in the finest luxury couverture chocolate to make this bar a delight to nibble on, as well as carry as a gift for all you love.  Ensconced in a classy floral sleeve, this Vanilla Blended Chocolate Bar has a delightful embossing of botanicals on the bar as well. The classy packaging matches the elegance of taste in this delicious milk chocolate with delicate vanilla accents. Veiled in Vanilla Wonder Carry this when visiting your friends or keep it handy to delight children. SMOOR’s Vanilla Blended Chocolate Bars are ideal for all ages and occasions. To enjoy in your me-time, share...
True Bar - Belgian Milk Couverture Chocolate (No Added Sugar)
Rs. 355.00
The ideal milk chocolate can be hard to find, but not if you know where to look. With attention to detail and an in-depth study of flavours that work well together, we bring to you our Belgian Milk Couverture Chocolate Bar. With no added sugar, the delicious bar speaks of the perfect balance of ingredients that impart a wholesome taste. Stay focussed on your health while not having to cut back on some indulgence as you get your hands on the Belgian Milk Couverture Chocolate. The sumptuous taste of chocolate made it guilt-free. Your search for that one perfect milk chocolate is now over. Indulge in the goodness of Belgian Milk Couverture Chocolate Bar, an alternative that brings you the rich nibbles of chocolate without any added sugar. An added bonus? It makes for an unforgettable gift. Add in a hamper to gift to friends or stack at home for...
Fine Milk Blended Chocolate Bar
Rs. 415.00
Do you know what they say about SMOOR’s Pure Milk Blended Chocolate Bar? That it’s a classic. And how can it not be? With its delicate texture, sweet overtones, the goodness of pure milk and the richness of premium stone-ground chocolate – SMOOR’s Pure Milk Blended Chocolate Bar is bound to please. Whether you are having your girlfriend over, gifting it to someone special or simply indulging yourself, this bar is the perfect fit.   SMOOR’s Pure Milk Blended Chocolate Bar flaunts a super-smooth texture that melts in your mouth. A favourite of all traditional chocolate lovers, this gourmet milk chocolate bar comes wrapped in a beautifully printed box (a bonus for those looking to gift it). Did you know?1. British confectioners invented the first chocolate bar in 1847.2. The scientific name for chocolate is “Theobroma Cacao”, which means “food of the gods”. The chocolate chip cookie inventor sold the...
Fruit & Nut Dark Chocolate Bar
Rs. 535.00
Could anyone ever say no to some good ol’ chocolate? Not us! Loaded with 80 percent dark chocolate and complete with the goodness of rich raisins and roasted nuts, our Fruit & Nut Dark Chocolate Bar packs a punch, and then some. The delectable, melt-in-your-mouth flavours make it such an irresistible offering that you can’t keep your hands off. Whether you are craving a dark chocolate fruit and nut bar or on the lookout for successful gifting options, the texture, aroma, and wholesome taste of this offering make it a winning combo. Not to forget, that bit of crunch that you could only get in a fulfilling Fruit & Nut Dark Chocolate Bar makes it unforgettable!   From serving as a great gift option for near and dear ones to a must-have for those with a sweet tooth, the Fruit & Nut Dark Chocolate Bar is a healthy, wholesome alternative...
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