Celebrate Valentine’s Week the SMOOR way!

  • Post by  Smoor Chocolates Jan 31, 2022
The third wave of the pandemic may have dampened our spirits, but the month of February brings with it a promise of love and joy. And what better way to celebrate the week of love than by devouring the finest selection of chocolates at SMOOR? And better yet, gifting SMOOR chocolates to your Valentine to devour!

Let SMOOR help you out with choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts. Glance through this carefully curated list of the best Valentines gift ideas - for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife – SMOOR can please all in a jiffy!

Without much ado, here comes the list of our top SMOOR gifts to celebrate each day of Valentine’s week!

1. I love you bar
Product Name: True Love Choco Treats

Aptly named I love you, this chocolate bar can help express your feelings in the sweetest way possible. Look no more for the ideal Valentines gift, for this True Love Choco Treat Bar comes inscribed with the three magical words! Treat your Valentine with this Chocolate Day gift that is creamy, smooth and rich all at once.


2. Macarons - Best Valentine’s Day Gifts. The best way to say ‘Be my Valentine’
Product Name: Truly Gifted Macaron Hearts

 A macaron that is perfectly baked, tastes great and looks like tiny, colorful hearts – SMOOR has definitely cracked the code for the best Valentine gifts! But wait, there’s more – these heart-shaped macarons come with an array of fillings, like real butter, fruit purees and real couverture chocolate! SMOOR has ensured an eggless option as well, so the fun isn’t limited to a few. Grab these as a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend, Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend or anyone special in your life.


3. Heart shaped chocolate lollipops --- For that someone special
Product Name: Truly Loved Chocolate Lollipops

Chocolate in the form of a lollipop can be the perfect bite-sized gift for someone with a sweet tooth. The heart shape of these lollipops only adds to the Valentine’s spirit. Make sure to pick up these little luxury couverture chocolate delights wrapped in gold foil for your loved one!


4. Raspberry and red velvet marquise - Valentine’s Day delivery gifts
Product Name: Fun and Fruity Red Velvet Pastry

 For all cake lovers, this may just be the best Valentine’s Day gift idea! This one is a mousse based cake with distinct layers of the color of love – red, interspersed with white. Raspberry and cream cheese make for the perfect combination, ensuring not only the best taste but also a dreamy look.


5. Chocolate marquise - For the day of love, the best birthday gift for fiancé, and more
Product Name: Delectably Bold Chocolate Marquise Pastry

SMOOR introduces the best gift for any chocolate lover – our special Chocolate marquise. Made with ganache, smooth cream and SMOOR’s real couverture chocolate, this is rich and decadent, combined with the melty coldness of ice cream. A Triple Win for the heart right there! A Valentine’s special it surely is.

6. Half Kg Cakes - Say it with a Heart shaped cakes
Product Name: Truly Delectable Treats

Sometimes, simplicity takes the cake! Go simple by gifting your loved one this heart-shaped cake made of a combination of chocolate and strawberries. For ones that would like to cut back on the chocolate in this one, there is a variant of a Strawberry Heart Cake as well.


7. Chocolate Teddy Bear - Unique Valentine’s chocolate gifts
Product Name: Truly Edible Chocolate Teddy Bear

If you are looking for a gift that combines the cuteness of a teddy bear and the taste of delicious chocolate, then look no further! SMOOR’s Chocolate Teddy Bears are gooey, melt-in-the-mouth, soft and silky. A whole lot of edible goodness right at your doorstep. Order online at SMOOR.in or head over to a SMOOR lounge near you.


8. Chocolate Bouquet - Say it with a bouquet of flowers or say it with SMOOR’s Chocolate Bouquet
Product Name: Truly Enchanting Chocolate Bouquet

A standard gift that guarantees happiness is a bouquet of flowers. What if we tell you that SMOOR has taken that a step forward and made the most Delicious bouquet ever? We have replaced flowers with chocolate lollipops wrapped in gold foil and set against a red background – and voila, that’s an indulgent bouquet like no other!  Gift these true luxury couverture Valentine chocolates to your loved ones and make them feel special.


9. Heart shaped chocolate tin - Always a chocolate at heart!
Product Name: Truly Gifted Pralines

For someone who loves preserving tangibles as a memory, an edible gift like a chocolate may not be apt. But SMOOR has found a way around that by making a Valentine’s special Heart-shaped Chocolate tin box. Eat the delectable chocolates and preserve the tin! These boxes contain 19 of your favourite pralines made with real couverture chocolate and real milk, and are beautifully moulded into warm, gooey hearts.


10. Be my Valentine chocolate heart
Product Name: Be My Valentine Heart

Propose to your Valentine with this huge red heart-shaped chocolate box! This chocolate heart box is bold and dense on the outside – But break it, and you will find only the smoothest & warmest gooey centre. The best kind of surprise, we promise!


11. Valentine’s dessert box - Valentine Day special gift for scrumptious moments of delight
Product Name: Cupid’s Dessert Box

Love all things sweet and can’t choose just one? Fret not, because the SMOOR Valentines dessert box is here! Fitted in 16 red and gold boxes are mini delights in the form of pastries, heart-shaped macarons and bite-sized cupcakes. This Cupid’s Dessert box is enough to make your Valentine the happiest of all!


12. True Love Tin Hamper - A full loaded hamper with all things SMOOR
Product Name: Loaded with Love Hamper

All of SMOOR’s Valentine’s special products in one tin – Sounds too good to be true? Best to head over to a SMOOR lounge or the online stores to check out for yourself! Instead of having to pick one product that your Valentine may like, just get them this True Love Tin hamper that is sure to be the most exquisite gift!


13. Cupcake box of 6 - Alluring February 14 special treats
Product Name: Cupid’s Dessert Box

For ones who love a moist and rich goodie, this box of 6 assorted cupcakes – each topped with sugar butterflies, lovable motifs and special messages – is the perfect gift. Made with luscious cream and real couverture chocolate, they look pretty and taste heavenly. Treat your loved one with these rich bites, and leave them wanting more!


With such a vast assortment of goodies, choose SMOOR to help make this Valentine’s Day special for all your loved ones. But we would suggest, Valentine or No Valentine, take a bite anyway!