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Intense 70% Chocolate Cake - Half Kg

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An indulgent chocolate cake made with almond flour and 70% dark intense chocolate.. Gluten free without compromising on the deliciousness. Mindful decadence for the ones with special needs.

Egg, Milk Solids, Dark Chocolate [Cocoa Solids, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier (ins 322(i)), Artificial Flavouring Substances( Vanillin)], Sugar, Almond Powder and Artificial Flavouring Substances(Vanilla).


Storage Advice
Store the product at 0-5°C in a clean and hygienic place

Net Weight
500 Gm

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Free Home Delivery on all the orders.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Sunder Rajan
Totally Intensed

Good collection and size. Less is Smoor.

Lovy Pradeep
Ordered Alphonso mango cream cake (not intense chocolate). Wrong title, wrong info, wrong cake link.

Very poor service. Horrendous.


Goofed up on 2nd May - Smoor could not fulfill order. Gave Smoor a second chance by asking to deliver on 4th May instead.
Delivered four hours late! Delivered at 1.30 pm instead of 9-10 am slot!! Not acceptable, keeping folks waiting for 4 hours...........

Smoor is not like it used to be before. Smoor used to time-conscious. Now they use a third party delivery service and do not keep to their timings whatsoever.
Highly disappointing.

Customer service hasn't yet gotten back on why they had a four hour-delay. Every time I called to find out, the answer has been: "we are working with concerned logistics team" - I don't even know what that means anymore.

Abdurrahman Khan Mohamed Ariff
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Intense 70% Chocolate Cake - Half Kg

Intense 70% Chocolate Cake is a very tasty cake! Loved it!

The chocolate in this cake is so good! I write proper reviews and I wonder why the previous found this cake to be not good enough. But yes it is very expensive that does make me reduce the number of times i'll order this cake plus no availability of 1 KG option makes it less convenient. I am from South Delhi region, Def. Col. , and I came across this first time recently from Eatsure app & purchased a slice first because of offer, to try . The taste of the slice was amazing , the chocolate is so good , the consistency is dense and the crunch in it is so top notch! I loved it a lot and it is so good you would want to order it every time! I feel the mousse & cheese cake lovers would also like this . It is so good that subsequently the same day I ordered it's full cake ( unfortunately half KG only) it was also good but the only downside was that it didn't have the crunch like in the pastry and the crispies in it had probably gone moist but the chocolate taste being really good I still liked it. This is pure chocolate . Although the cake or it's slice is provided in very small size which I disliked . Let's hope Smoor start's providing 1KG option on order atleast and if they can take care of crunch ingredients added in the cake so they remain fine also if we can have an outlet or option from where we can walk in purchase directly . If sales go low the only issue with this is that many people are not aware about this and it's taste , they have not tried it. I also wasn't aware about this and hadn't tried it till now , it was by accident that I came to know, had I tried this 2 years ago when this started I would have been regularly purchasing this provided this was offered at a reasonable price or with good offer not just 10 - 20 % off. But Good Job Smoor! Love it!