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Custom Gift Box

Custom Gift Box





Choco-coated Almonds
Rs. 170.00
Lightly roasted almonds enveloped in creamy chocolate, our Choco-coated Almonds will delight your senses with their depth of flavours. The sweet and rich notes of chocolate combine beautifully with the crunchiness and nutty flavour of almonds, making for a perfect treat to have with your beverage of choice. After all, this legendary pairing has stood the test of time for a reason. Go ahead, indulge.   A match made in heaven, the classic pairing of almonds and chocolate comes together deliciously in our Choco-coated Almonds. Serve these scrumptious delights to guests during evening get-togethers to make for a memorable experience. Housed in charming little packets with attractive illustrations, there are also great little gifts to give out.   The perfect cupcake toppers Our choco-coated nuts make for wonderful cupcake toppers with their beautiful, smooth round shapes and glossy finish and the surprise of a delicious nut hidden inside. Adorn your...
Choco-coated Hazelnuts
Rs. 170.00
SMOOR’s choco-coated hazelnuts – try some, and you’re in danger of finishing off the entire packet! Lightly roasted hazelnuts enrobed in rich dark chocolate. The crunchy choco-coated hazelnuts are great company for those long study nights or cosy evenings with friends. The nutty sweets also work as toppings for a cake – indeed, the delicious chocolate nuts are as versatile as they are delicious. And remember, nuts and dark chocolate are good for your heart too. So, go ahead and indulge in these delicious little bites. Packed in a sleek wine-coloured gift bag with an illustration of the cocoa plant, SMOOR’s choco-coated hazelnuts make for an elegant gift for those who appreciate artistic details. The choco-nut packs also add a special element to any gift hamper.   Chocolicious trivia World Chocolate Day is celebrated globally on July 7. Chocolate has 3 times more ‘flavour compounds’ than red wine. (Red wine...
True Bar - Biscuit Crunch Chocolate
Rs. 240.00
The richness of quality chocolate with the crunchiness of fresh cookies – what’s not to like? Our True Bar Biscuit Crunch Chocolate Bar comes packaged in delightful wrappers with illustrations of cookies and cocoa in a quirky combo, leading you into a burst of taste. Created with quality ingredients, this beautiful bar of chocolate embossed with a cocoa motif makes for a great gift to carry along wherever you go. This True Bar Biscuit Crunch Chocolate is right for any occasion and any time of the day. In fact, it is so creamy and delicious that you would be looking for an excuse to indulge in this yummy experience. Our suggestion? Satisfy your in-between-meals hunger pangs with our biscuit-crunch chocolate True Bar. Pairs deliciously with a cup of a warm beverage. The promise of quality The True Bars from SMOOR are a class apart. They bear the promise of premium...
Roasted Almond Barks - 150g
Rs. 480.00
SMOOR’s Roasted Almond Barks is a combination of premium quality delicious dark chocolate and the goodness of roasted almonds. What’s not to like? The process of making these barks also conjures up a tempting image: A sheet of hot, melted dark chocolate is spread into an even layer and topped with roasted almonds. Once the chocolate cools, the delicious, crispy ‘barks’ are broken into shards or whimsical pieces of nutty chocolate – great for any time munching.   The Roasted Almond Barks, packed into eye-catching packets with an illustration of the cocoa plant, makes for a fun gift to carry along when visiting friends. It also does well in a hamper for special occasion gifting.   Interesting chocolate trivia - The ancient Aztecs used chocolate as currency. - When the Spaniards discovered chocolate, they kept their finding under wraps for almost a century. - One in five Indians consumes chocolate...
Butterscotch Barks - 150g
Rs. 480.00
If you love chocolate and butterscotch – the delicious sweet-savoury combo of butter and caramelised sugar – you’ll love these Butterscotch Bars from SMOOR. A layer of melted dark and milk chocolate topped with sweet and salty butterscotch cooled and broken into delightful shards - makes for a light anytime snack to be enjoyed with a beverage of choice. What’s there not to like?   Keep these delicious Butterscotch Bars from SMOOR close at hand. The butterscotch and chocolate combo not only tastes good but is an instant perk-up to pull you out of afternoon slumps. A great gift for all who love butterscotch – carry a packet along when visiting next.   Chocolate that’s super versatile Paired with chocolate, these Butterscotch Bars from SMOOR are versatile sweets that may be used to uplift everyday desserts with instant appeal. Or, try dropping a few pieces into your cold coffee, and...
Salted Peanut Barks - 150g
Rs. 480.00
Hot, melted chocolate spread in an even layer, topped with salted peanuts, cooled, and broken into delicious shards of nutty chocolate… mmm. SMOOR’s Salted Peanut Barks are the perfect snack to freshen up with during your work breaks. A throwback to the traditional chikki, the Salted Peanut Barks are delicious and healthy chocolate and peanut munchie to indulge in or carry along when visiting a friend. Enjoy these nutty chocolate shards with your choice of warm beverage.   SMOOR’s Salted Peanut Barks presents a delicate culinary mix. The salt enhances the flavours and balances the sweetness of the rich chocolate, creating a delightful sweet-savoury medley of taste. Pamper yourself or your loved ones with these Salted Peanut Barks – little joys guaranteed to brighten up the dullest of days.   Change is always good and best when it’s about chocolate Change is always good. So, take a break from the...
Hot Chocolate Honey Stir it Up
Rs. 130.00
Chocolate, milk, and honey are a trio that defines warmth and comfort. The rich milk chocolate in SMOOR’s Hot Chocolate Honey Stir It Up ensures your beverage is intense, with just the right sweetness and flavourful. Watch the chocolate and honey melt straight off the stick into your warm milk, making you a comforting drink in seconds. Stirring up your favourite drink with our Hot Chocolate Honey Stir It Up is now as much fun as it is delicious. Sit down in a quiet corner with a book and fix yourself a quick mugful as a midnight snack, or drink it up for instant warmth on a cold day - SMOOR’s Hot Chocolate Honey Stir It Up is the perfect companion any time of day. Honey and Chocolate, a fail-safe gift Make this an everyday accompaniment with milk, incorporate it into a gift hamper for the festive season or give...
Hot Chocolate Mocha Stir it Up
Sold Out
Savour the comforting taste of rich chocolate blended with a generous dash of mocha! Dunk SMOOR’S Hot Chocolate Mocha Stir It Up, the quirky chocolate-on-a-stick, in a glass of warm milk and give it a little mix, and you have your warm cuppa ready to sip. Hot chocolate is a popular comfort drink that is enjoyed any time of day. The rich mocha in this blend lends strength and taste to your drink, even as it energizes you during work-day breaks. A sturdy square in shades of deep sienna, the Hot Chocolate Mocha Stir It Up is distinct in many ways. Its boxy shape, the fine filigreed logo embossed on it, and its fun packaging, create a delightful one-of-a-kind chocolate product. We assure you, the taste lives up to all the buzz around the clever innovation! Stirring Mocha Magic If you like to carry your mojo with you, then you...
Hot Chocolate Mint Stir it Up
Rs. 130.00
Chocolate and mint have emerged as a bold combination that has its share of ardent supporters. While often found in desserts, mint chocolate is a flavour that is quite unexplored when it comes to beverages. SMOOR’s Hot Chocolate Mint Stir It Up is an interpretation that brings out the best of milk chocolate and mint. Stir It Up, a SMOOR innovation is literally a chocolate-on-a-stick, which you may dunk into a cup of warm milk to make a hot cuppa in seconds. Try it! The only real rival to this explosion of taste is its appearance and packaging! Everything about SMOOR’s Hot Chocolate Mint Stir It Up is a visual treat. The sumptuous, chunky square, the exquisite embossing on the chocolate that stands out boldly on all sides, and the minty green packaging work beautifully. This is a classic example of great things that come in pocket-sized packages. Minted to...
True bar - Caramel Crunch Chocolate
Rs. 240.00
A delectable combination of crunchy caramel and rich milk chocolate, the True Bar Caramel Crunch Chocolate has a generous 33.6 % of milk chocolate. Creamy and crunchy all at once, these sensational True Bars are irresistible for those who appreciate fine quality and taste. This is particularly suited to be gifted to children and the child-like. No matter how many of these you pick up, you will keep going back for more! Savour the delicious caramel crunch chocolate bar made with the finest, textured chocolate - guaranteed to satisfy those sudden chocolate cravings. The crunchy caramel with rice crispies added for extra punch makes this chocolate outing super fun. Great for an anytime break indeed, these caramel fudge crunch bars! How is chocolate good for you? Besides giving you the satisfaction of good taste and the feeling of indulgence and luxury, chocolate is good for health too. It is packed...
True Bar - Belgian Milk Couverture Chocolate (No Added Sugar)
Rs. 355.00
The ideal milk chocolate can be hard to find, but not if you know where to look. With attention to detail and an in-depth study of flavours that work well together, we bring to you our Belgian Milk Couverture Chocolate Bar. With no added sugar, the delicious bar speaks of the perfect balance of ingredients that impart a wholesome taste. Stay focussed on your health while not having to cut back on some indulgence as you get your hands on the Belgian Milk Couverture Chocolate. The sumptuous taste of chocolate made it guilt-free. Your search for that one perfect milk chocolate is now over. Indulge in the goodness of Belgian Milk Couverture Chocolate Bar, an alternative that brings you the rich nibbles of chocolate without any added sugar. An added bonus? It makes for an unforgettable gift. Add in a hamper to gift to friends or stack at home for...
True Bar - Belgian Dark Couverture Chocolate Bar (No Added Sugar)
Rs. 355.00
The health-conscious may now rejoice, for we have the ideal chocolate offering for them to indulge in. With no added sugar (yes, you read that right), the Belgian Dark Couverture Bar is just the decadent True Bar that ought to be on your radar, especially if you are someone who counts calories. The mature taste of antioxidant-rich dark chocolate, expertly crafted and packaged in a delightful sleeve with a retro botanical print, is a joy to savour and to gift. The cocoa beans embossed on the rich chocolate adds an interesting element. Indulge in the decadent flavours of SMOOR’s Belgian Dark Couverture Bar, a healthy option for those who don’t wish to cut back on that one piece of chocolate every day. Especially made keeping your fitness requirements in mind, it comes sans added sugar, ensuring that you enjoy your chocolate and do it free of guilt as well. Dark,...
True Cocoa Mix Chilli
Rs. 550.00
Sugar and spice and all that’s nice – that’s what delightful treats are made of! With the promise of a smooth, velvety blend of tastes, SMOOR brings a unique twist to your cup of hot chocolate. Our True Cocoa Mix Chilli is a true mix of contrasting flavours that adds an uplifting zing to your beverage. The inclusion of 100% cocoa creates a dark, spicy, and intense experience that serenades mature tastes. If you like to experiment with tastes and twists, you cannot miss this one!  Experts will always tell you how a little salt is important to intensify the experience of a sweet dish or beverage. Similarly, a hint of chilli helps to temper the sweetness and intensifies the flavour of chocolate beautifully. SMOOR’s True Cocoa Mix Chilli is great to share with your loved ones and is the perfect pick-me-up on a dull day. A Steamy, Hot and...
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