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Basket Of Goodies (Small)
Rs. 2,500.00
For those who loved a mixed bag. At SMOOR, we understand the intricacies of gifting and appreciate the importance of a gift well-chosen. A true gift is symbolic of the bond and the warmth you share with those who are dear to you. And that is why we have crafted this exclusive gift hamper basket for Christmas that you will be happy to give, and your dear ones will be touched to receive. This Basket of Goodies ticks all the boxes and is perfect for your special people.   This Hamper contains: 4pc box 250g plum cake Palmiers Stir it up Coates Crispies Buttons
Artistry (Large)
Rs. 2,500.00
The perfect words that can describe quality desserts are ‘taste’ and ‘artistry’. The fine chocolate offerings, the blend of myriad tastes, and the finesse in presentation come together to create a work of art in this special hamper. This pretty gift box contains chocolate discs, enrobed cookies, coated nuts, pinwheel cookies, a luxe treats box of 12 and a plum cake.
Gold Mallet Box
Rs. 4,000.00
Our chocolates are the gold standard in excellence. So this limited edition exclusive hamper, packaged with a special mallet to break open the surprise, is the next obvious step. Gift it to loved ones, & watch them glow like this precious metal! Specially made for Diwali.
Hot Chocolate Hamper
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Few things spell ‘love’ and ‘warmth’, as does our Hot Chocolate Hamper. Looking for a way to show your partner a good time? Or hunting for that perfect gift hamper for your BFF’s birthday? Our luxury Hot Chocolate Hamper is where your search ends. The artisanal hamper includes two signature SMOOR mugs, one Hot cocoa mix, 2 pouches of hot chocolate callets and two Stir-it-ups – all made from the finest quality chocolate. Enjoy the magic of togetherness, enjoy hot chocolate.     Our hot chocolate gift hamper with its creamy, decadent hot chocolate is always a good call when you are in doubt about picking ‘gifts for her’ or ‘gifts for him’. Take the indulgence (and snuggles) many notches higher with this Hot Chocolate Hamper. Just look for hot chocolate near me or hot chocolate delivery, and SMOOR will be at your service!   Easy Hot Chocolate Recipe Using...
Birthday Hamper (Small)
Rs. 1,250.00
What’s better than a chocolate gift hamper full of delicious treats to wish someone “Happy Birthday!”? Greet the birthday boy or birthday girl with a luxury chocolate box filled with couverture chocolates, a pack of chocolate coated nuts, our special innovations, Stir-it-up, & more. Arrange an online chocolate delivery before their big day and give them a hearty surprise!   Looking for luxury gift hampers that promises to meet your exacting standards? You’re in the right place. SMOOR is just a click away! Our delectable chocolate hamper for birthday consists of artisanal chocolate treats – a Happy Birthday chocolate bar (50g), center-fill cookies, a pack of Coated Nuts (50g), Luxury Couverture Chocolates (Box of 5) & our special innovation, Stir-it-up, all come together in this pretty little hamper. A Quick History of Birthday GiftsHave you ever thought of where the birthday gift ideas came from? Well, you can thank the...
All Occasion - Dark Chocolate Gift Box (Pack of 40)
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A chocolate extravaganza, this dark chocolate gift hamper full of 40 rich dark chocolates is part of our True Treat range. Carry this gift to a dark chocolate lover, and you would have made a friend for life. With a delightful embossing of the cocoa bean on the dark chocolate bars, the generous percentage of cocoa butter in our dark chocolate makes for dense, decadent chocolates that are great as desserts; and pairs equally well with a cup of fine Darjeeling. Take home as a well-deserved indulgence or gift to a special friend. No need for an occasion. The chocolates are the celebration. Get your special dark chocolate delivery ordered now!    In the last few decades, dark chocolates have seen plenty of good press as they are said to be good for the heart. Packed with antioxidants, premium dark chocolates are for mature tastes, people who like the flavour of real chocolate without it being blended with milk...
Birthday Hamper (Large)
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Our wonderful Birthday gift hamper which consists of a beautiful luxury chocolate gift box with a host of goodies is guaranteed to make birthdays special. You can carry it with you when you go over to wish or order it online. To receive a surprise chocolate gift hamper on the morning of one's birthday sets the perfect mood of celebration for the rest of the day. And when the gift box is a treasure trove of the most delicious and unusual chocolate treats from SMOOR, it's a special winner. The charming box opens up to a Happy Birthday Bar, chocolate-coated nuts, a box of praline chocolates, delightful chocolate discs or callets, a chocolate 'bark' and buttery French cookies.  The keepsake luxury chocolate gift box is a befitting holder for the delicious chocolate treats within. If keen to make it extra special, you may want to add our signature gooey chocolate cake to the gift.  Chocolate Gift Box: Wishes That...
Rs. 2,100.00
The Corporate Hamper Box is the perfect gift for employees and colleagues to show your appreciation for their effort, good work and support. The beautiful luxury Corporate hamper box has a soft, chewy Center-fill Cookie pack, a Couverture Luxury Chocolates (Box of 5), a Milk Bar (80g), a pack of Choco-coated nuts and an Elaine Young Bar of exotic chocolate. Your message? The best luxury chocolates for the best team! And nothing says this better than SMOOR couverture chocolates.   This corporate gift box is perfect for acknowledging a colleague’s promotion, bid adieu to someone retiring, be an olive branch to the colleague you’ve had differences with, or simply to wish ‘happy birthday’. Inside the Corporate Hamper Box1. Center-fill cookies – Crispy shell cookies with a rich filling.2. Couverture Luxury Chocolates (Box of 5) – A luxury selection of couverture chocolates in different flavours.3. Milk Bar (80 g) – A pure...
Dark Chocolate Hamper
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The best thing about dark chocolate? It is tasty and a go-to snack at any time of day. Our Dark Chocolate Hamper is the ideal chocolate gift for anyone with a sophisticated sweet tooth. From artisanal dark chocolate bars to dark chocolate callets for preparing a lip-smacking, creamy cup of hot chocolate, & more, this hamper is full of original flavours and beautiful textures. Book a dark chocolate delivery to your Mom’s house, or get this dark chocolate gift hamper for your partner as a delicious surprise. Our thoughtfully made, beautifully packaged Dark Chocolate Hamper features a True Cocoa Mix (Dark), an 80g dark chocolate bar, a no-added-sugar dark chocolate bar, a 150 g pack of Barks, a pack of Coated Nuts – Hazelnut, a set of mug & whisker, and a pouch of dark chocolate callets. Bonus of gifting this hamper? No wrapping required; the pretty botanical prints speak...
Best Wishes (Large)
Rs. 3,500.00
Chocolates are a favourite comfort food the world over. Filled with anti-oxidants, chocolates trigger the production of endorphins or feel-good hormones. This chocolate gift hamper is packed with the goodness of chocolate in myriad forms, including our specialty healthful treats, Wellness Barks, which are made with healing and nurturing Ayurvedic herbs. So whether you are looking to wish someone quick healing or health and happiness on a birthday – this makes for the perfect gift hamper.   This gift hamper energises and pampers the receiver with the goodness of rich, couverture chocolate in bars, thin barks, bite-sized praline chocolates, and smaller discs or callets. Keep handy and nibble as liked - to suit the mood of the moment and time of day. Gift Hamper: Chocolate Delicacies Mayan Bar – Authentic couverture chocolate bar fit for royalty. Couverture Luxury Chocolates (Box of 12) – A chocolate lover’s dream in different flavours. Wellness...
Choco Bouquet (Small)
Sold Out
The language of love doesn’t limit itself. Our Chocolate Bouquet is one of many ways you can tell someone how much you love and care for them. In this decadent chocolate gift hamper, indulgent chocolate lollipops wrapped in gold foil and set in a beautiful red backdrop make for a bedazzling bouquet. Savour the delicious chocolate lollipops slowly – making the experience memorable. This is true luxury chocolate at its best. Get it for your partner for Valentine day, Anniversary or just because you want to tell them how precious they are to you. Search for luxury chocolate gifts and see us pop up!   A stunning bouquet of decadent chocolate, crafted with love and care, for the times when words fail to express how you feel about someone. Or the perfect one-of-a-kind, anytime gift for the special person in your life.   Why luxury chocolates are a great gift...
Rs. 1,600.00
Bored of the conventional chocolate bars? Pick Pebbles! These delightful treats resembling river pebbles are delicious little bursts of rich chocolate embedded with fresh, dried fruit and berries. Perfect party snacks, this Diwali special chocolate box is also good to give away as a corporate gift as the munchies are deliciously nuanced pick-me-ups for afternoon slumps. Goes well with a cup of coffee or tea. A tasteful infusion of chocolates and fruit, our Pebbles Pack of 3 is an unusual gift to surprise your loved ones with. The gorgeous tins of Diwali special chocolates, housed together in a neat package, maybe gifted by themselves, or as part of a Diwali hamper of wellness products, as they are light, filled with the goodness of fruits and berries, and a few go a long way in satiating sweet urges. A delicious conversation-starter A fusion of chocolates and fruit turned into quirky shapes...