The perfect dessert for your Xmas dinners

  • Post by  Smoor Chocolates Dec 15, 2021
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The perfect dessert for your Xmas dinners
As Christmastide makes its way to us, we are in for one of the most significant feasts of the year – the Christmas dinner. Is there anything truly better than getting together with your loved ones for festive dinners? The laughs, the conversations, even the silly arguments, everything adds to the joy of a big fat feast.
And, of course, a decadent meal deserves a delicious, indulgent conclusion. Christmas desserts are all important. And we have just the thing for you.
There is nothing like biting into the richness of true couverture chocolates if you ask us. To the ones in the dark, couverture chocolates contain a higher percentage of cocoa butter which gives these chocolates a shine, usually missing in regular chocolates, and melts in the mouth, creating the most sublime of tastes.
Let’s take a look at why these velvety-smooth pralines make for the best desserts for Christmas. They offer the right amount of sweetness, richness and come in the perfect sizes (no guilty feelings when you reach for your third!). Add to this is the fact that they are made from the finest ingredients, so even if you end up over-indulging, you are in safe hands. Our luxury couverture chocolates come in boxes of 9, 16, 25, 36, 49 and 64.
The festive meal is a lot of work. Sometimes all you need is easy Christmas desserts that save you time and still be a hit with your guests. SMOOR’s luxe chocolates are here to help. Nestled in attractive boxes, our premium chocolates come in a medley of flavours – each a celebration of taste. Opt for these, especially if you have children in the house – we’ve found them to be very popular with the little ones. Also, when decked on a platter on the table, SMOOR’s luxe chocolates are eye candies that define ‘cute Christmas desserts’ perfectly.
So, you are looking for something sweet and full of goodness as desserts for Christmas? Then say hello to SMOOR’s Almond Sensation! One of our best-selling treats, a box of our Almond Sensation, brings you 16 pieces of handcrafted chocolates – 8 dark & 8 milk chocolates – mixed with finely roasted almond slivers. Much loved by seniors especially, a box of these tantalizing treats is a perfect ending to a festive meal.

You deserve to host a dinner that does not put too much pressure on you. So, take your time to plan your grand feast, décor and other little touches for Christmas and leave it to us to take care of your dessert needs. To look at more options other than our scrumptious chocolate varieties – head to the SMOOR Christmas Collection section on our website.