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Orange Chocolate Discs - 150g

Little buttons of luxurious dark chocolate infused with the refreshing flavour of orange-
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Little buttons of luxurious dark chocolate infused with the refreshing flavour of orange- our Orange Chocolate Discs are a delicious take on this timeless pairing. With an exquisite balance of flavours, these bite-sized treats will amaze the most discerning chocolate lovers. Stock them up for a delightfully zesty pick-me-up treat. Packed in delightful little boxes with a charming illustration, these heart-healthy treats make for handy gifts to carry along when dropping in to see friends.

With the citrusy zing of oranges combined with the authentic richness of the finest dark chocolate, our Orange Chocolate Discs make for great snacks to serve up to sudden guests and are great conversation-starters.

Why orange and dark chocolate go well together
At a glance, the pairing of orange and chocolate can seem like a confusing affair - how can two such contrasting flavours complement each other so well? The secret lies in contrast itself, the fresh, zesty, citrusy notes of orange augmenting the bittersweet tones of dark chocolate and vice versa. 


Dark Chocolate (Cocoa Solids, Sugar, Cocoa butter, Emulsifier (INS 322(i)), Artificial Flavouring Substances (Orange, Vanillin).

Allergen Information
Contains Soy. May contain Milk.

Storage Information
Store the Product in a Clean, Dry and Hygienic place. We recommend storing in between 15⁰ - 20⁰ C to avoid any melting of Product.

Humidity and Temperature changes may cause the product to develop a whitish layer which does not affect its fitness for consumption.

Net Weight
150 g


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