Chocolate Cheese Cake Slice

A delicious baked cheesecake with the goodness of rich chocolate.
Rs. 284.00
A delicious baked cheesecake with the goodness of rich chocolate.



Cream Cheese Filling [ Milk solids, Dark Chocolate(Cocoa solids, Sugar, Cocoa butter, Emulsifier 3221i Sugar, Cocoa solids, Corn fleur, Egg replacer I Milk solids, Emu INS 1442, Baking powder, Acidity regulators — INS INS '501i), Humectant— INS"20, Iodized Base Milk Refined wheat flour (Maida). Almond powder. Baking Sugar], Choco chip [Sugar. Edible vegetable fat (Hydrogenated). Cocoa solids, Dextrose & Emulsifier - INS 32201, Cake gel I Liquid Glucose, Sugar. Stabilizers - INS 406. INS 440, Acidity regulator - INS 330. Approved preservative - INS 202. Emulsifier - INS 4711. CONTAINS ADDED FIÄVOUA (NATURE IDENTICAL FLAVOURING substance - VANILLA).


Contains Milk Solids, Gluten, Tree nuts & Soya.


Store at below 4°-5°c.


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