Hamper For Special Ones

Hamper For Special Ones





HER/HIM Chocolate Hamper
Rs. 2,800.00
Making each memory perfect with the SMOOR assortments that taste as good as they look. This delectable hamper is perfect for every occasion. 5 pc box of couverture chocolates - 50g A jar of peanut butter - 340g A jar of freeze dried coffee - 50g Hot cocoa mix - 150g Wellness barks - 80g and Paprika cheese sable - 150g Allergen Advice Product contains Soya, Milk Solids, Gluten, Sesame Seeds, Peanuts and Tree nuts. Storage Information Store the Product in a Clean, Dry and odourless environment at 15⁰ to 20⁰C.
Get Well Soon (Large)
Rs. 3,500.00
Chocolates are a favourite comfort food the world over. Filled with anti-oxidants, chocolates trigger the production of endorphins or feel-good hormones. This get well soon gift hamper is packed with the goodness of chocolate in myriad forms, including our speciality healthful treats, Wellness Barks, which are made with healing and nurturing Ayurvedic herbs. So whether you are looking to wish someone quick healing, or health and happiness on a birthday – this makes for the perfect chocolate gift hamper.  This Get well Soon hamper energises and pampers the receiver with the goodness of rich, couverture chocolate in bars, thin barks, bite-sized praline chocolates and smaller discs or callets. Keep handy and nibble as liked - to suit the mood of the moment and time of day. Gift Hamper: Chocolate Delicacies Mayan Bar – Authentic couverture chocolate bar fit for royalty. Couverture Luxury Chocolates (Box of 12) – A chocolate lover’s...
All Occasion - Dark Chocolate Gift Box (Pack of 40)
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A chocolate extravaganza, this dark chocolate gift hamper full of 40 rich dark chocolates is part of our True Treat range. Carry this gift to a dark chocolate lover, and you would have made a friend for life. With a delightful embossing of the cocoa bean on the dark chocolate bars, the generous percentage of cocoa butter in our dark chocolate makes for dense, decadent chocolates that are great as desserts; and pairs equally well with a cup of fine Darjeeling. Take home as a well-deserved indulgence or gift to a special friend. No need for an occasion. The chocolates are the celebration. Get your special dark chocolate delivery ordered now!    In the last few decades, dark chocolates have seen plenty of good press as they are said to be good for the heart. Packed with antioxidants, premium dark chocolates are for mature tastes, people who like the flavour of real chocolate without it being blended with milk...
All Occasion - Milk Chocolate Gift Box (Pack of 40)
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Did you know that milk chocolate – the most popular chocolate – was only invented in 1875? Swiss inventor Daniel Peter combined cocoa and condensed milk, and voila! Milk chocolate was born. This pack of 40 delicious SMOOR True Treats milk chocolate gift box comes with an edge: The chocolates in this chocolate gift hamper are true couverture chocolates made with a high percentage of rich, creamy cocoa butter. The milk chocolate couverture bars are nestled in charming artisan gift boxes with botanical prints of cocoa beans, making them perfect gifts that look as good as they taste.   Milk chocolate is a 'safe' gift to carry as its popularity is universal. It's also great to stock at home. You can serve it as a dessert to follow meals, with afternoon tea or as an anytime snack. Milk chocolates are rich in antioxidants and are particularly good for children. Milk Chocolate Cupcakes & More Crush the versatile chocolate lightly and top everyday...
Strawberry Nougat Hamper (PACK OF 15)
Rs. 375.00
At SMOOR, there is nothing 'regular'. So, nougat – which is essentially a sweet made from honey or sugar and egg white – gets a delicious makeover with luscious strawberries and the finest chocolate. While strawberries and chocolate are a popular pair, our luxury chocolate hamper brings you strawberries in nougat, coated with luxury chocolate, take the whole culinary experience to a different level. The tangy sweetness and distinct flavour of strawberries make these bars perfect for those moments when you crave something to nibble on. Surprise a loved one with this chocolate gift hamper of 15 delicious bars today, or order in a pack for yourself.   This is a chocolate gift hamper you can carry to a birthday when visiting a friend and any other occasion. Or you can choose to keep the bars handy for your own snacking needs. (Of course, if you know your friend likes...
Malt Nougat Hamper (Pack of 15)
Rs. 375.00
Does anyone hate snacks? We think not! Our Malt Nougat Hamper (Pack of 15) is guaranteed to top the charts and makes a perfect gift for him or her - basically all who seek to keep their snacking treats light and satisfying. These chewy nougat bars with coated chocolate sport a malt flavour, making them a delicious option for the times one is struck by sudden chocolate cravings. Our 15 chocolate bars hamper works great as a chocolate delivery to your sweet tooth BFF or as keep-handy chocolate snacks for yourself. Go for it. Make munching on snacks an even more pleasurable activity with our Malt Nougat Hamper. Look for luxury chocolates online and order this right away! A Promise of Safe DeliverySMOOR is keenly focused on ensuring high-quality checks at every aspect of the processing chain – from sourcing, production and packaging to safely delivering the goodies and ensuring...
Drink On A stick (Pack of 6)
Rs. 575.00
This hot chocolate hamper is the perfect gift for the creative, artistic foodie: rich, creamy coverture chocolates on a stick. All you need to do is dunk the choco-lolly in a cup of warm milk, stir it up, and you have a comforting cup of warm flavoured chocolate to perk you up any time of day or night. Flavours in the Stir It Up (pack of 6) are deliciously eclectic: Dark Chocolate, Honey, Milk Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Mocha Chocolate, Extra Dark. Mildly sweetened, these innovative gifts charm adults, and works just as well to tempt the little ones to drink up their milk without a fuss.  Hot chocolate drinks are more enjoyable than ever with our luxury hot chocolate hamper! Enjoy our chef’s delicious little creations yourself, or carry the Stir It Up (pack of 6) as a gift when you are out visiting next. Handy to keep close by...
Dark & Delicious bars (Pack of 3)
Rs. 925.00
The virtues of dark chocolate have been much discussed the world over, and we have plenty of dark chocolate goodness to offer. But at SMOOR, we always believe in going the extra mile to bring you something extra special. This pack of luxury dark chocolate bars has 3 distinct variants: sweet-sour cranberry (great skin-food) dark chocolate; zesty orange (vitamin C-rich) dark chocolate; and the popular dark chocolate with dry fruits. Indulge in the rich creaminess of couverture chocolates, or gift a pack to your chocolate-loving friend to sweeten her day.   A square or two of dark chocolate is allowed in most strict diets as well. Dark chocolate takes care of sweet cravings and gives you a healthy dose of anti-oxidants. Touted to be good for the heart, dark chocolate is also low on sugar – so all in all, it’s that rare thing: a healthy indulgence! Dark chocolate: guilt-free...
Wellness Hamper (Pack of 4)
Rs. 950.00
These aromatic, healthful chocolate Wellness Barks from SMOOR are proof that rich chocolate can be relished in more ways than you would imagine. Packed with the goodness of healing and nurturing Ayurvedic herbs such as Tulsi, Amla, Giloy and Ashwagandha, the Wellness Barks are great for a thoughtful get-well-soon gift or a nourishing pick-me-up snack any time of the day. The herbs are natural immunity-boosters that help keep up feel-good levels.   For those who are mindful about their snacking habits and want to keep it at its healthiest, here is your chance to enjoy the richness of dark chocolate along with refreshing, health-giving herbs. SMOOR’s Wellness Barks are thin chocolate barks made with Ayurvedic herbs that have proven health benefits. Chocolate snacking at its guilt-free best! What’s in the dark chocolate barks? Amla: A powerful anti-oxidant, Amla is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Tulsi: A potent adaptogenic herb, Tulsi...
Cocoa Hamper (Pack of 3)
Rs. 1,300.00
On a cold winter evening, enjoy this comfort drink of hot cocoa, in three fantastic flavours, Dark, milk and chilli. For that soothing cup of hot cocoa, SMOOR brings you this cocoa milk mix with three unusual flavours that will serenade your senses: True Cocoa Mix Dark, True Cocoa Mix Milk and True Cocoa Mix Chilli. Put together to satisfy every palate, the cacao mix pack of three is a treat that is meant to be savoured when you are craving a comforting break from the hullabaloo of everyday life. Instant refresh!   Enjoying hot chocolate during winter or after playtime with cousins and friends is a fond childhood memory for most of us. Relive those happy times gone by with a rich cup of cocoa made with the delectable flavours in SMOOR’s Cocoa Mix Pack of 3. The cocoa flavours come packed in beautiful air-tight tins that look chic...
Celebration Box (Pack of 20)
Rs. 599.00
A celebration of chocolate, Two true treat bars, chewy nougat bars and 16 delectable centre filled bite sized pralines. For the chocolate-lover looking for ‘something different’, this is the perfect chocolate gift hamper. Crunchy nougat – which is basically candy – is enrobed in soft, velvety, flavoured chocolate and is a delicious part of the hamper. Keeping the nougat bars good company are our True Treat bars of pure couverture chocolate, luxury chocolate at its elegant, most delicious. Little assorted chocolate bites, in a mixed medley of flavours – also in the finest, melt-in-mouth chocolate – complete the chocolate gift box. Enjoy!   The crunchy nougat – made of whipped egg white and sugar – combines beautifully with soft couverture chocolate, which comes on as a cover, and creates a burst of divine textures and flavours in your mouth. A luxury chocolate box that adds class to your gifting style....
Wellness in a box (Large)
Rs. 4,300.00
It is tricky to take care of ourselves and others in the world we live in. Our 'Wellness in a box' hamper is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their healthy eating habits in mind; and works wonderfully as a thoughtful gift to give this Diwali as well. This includes Oat and cranberry cookies, Thins, Peanut butter spread, Vegan bites, Wellness bark, 2 packets of chocolate callets, No added sugar bites, and a pouch of nuts. If you are looking for a healthy hamper for someone you care about, arrange for our Wellness Hamper to be home delivered today.   This Hamper contains 1. Thins 2. Oat and cranberry cookies 3. Peanut butter 4. Vegan bites 5. 1 Wellness bark - Ashwagandha or whatever is available 6. Tea 7. 2 packs of callets 8. Nut pouch
Wellness in a box (Small)
Rs. 2,550.00
Indian traditions are all about wellness and health. Even in our festivals, we celebrate health and vitality in various forms. SMOOR takes up the tradition and adds to it with the finest healthy Diwali hampers full of quality products such as our Wellness Bark, Chocolate callets, No added sugar bar, Vegan bites and Tea. Gift wellness this Diwali!   This Hamper contains 1. No added sugar Bites  2. Tea 3. 2 Callets  4. Wellness barks - 1 piece - Amla 5. No added sugar bar
Rs. 1,600.00
Bored of the conventional chocolate bars? Pick Pebbles! These delightful treats resembling river pebbles are delicious little bursts of rich chocolate embedded with fresh, dried fruit and berries. Perfect party snacks, this Diwali special chocolate box is also good to give away as a corporate gift as the munchies are deliciously nuanced pick-me-ups for afternoon slumps. Goes well with a cup of coffee or tea. A tasteful infusion of chocolates and fruit, our Pebbles Pack of 3 is an unusual gift to surprise your loved ones with. The gorgeous tins of Diwali special chocolates, housed together in a neat package, maybe gifted by themselves, or as part of a Diwali hamper of wellness products, as they are light, filled with the goodness of fruits and berries, and a few go a long way in satiating sweet urges. A delicious conversation-starter A fusion of chocolates and fruit turned into quirky shapes...
Artistry (Small)
Rs. 1,300.00
The perfect words that can describe quality desserts are ‘taste’ and ‘artistry’. The fine chocolate offerings, the blend of myriad tastes, and the finesse in presentation come together to create a work of art in this special hamper. Our Artistry (small) hamper makes for a classy Christmas celebration with friends and family. Add a spark to the festivities with this creative box of delights like a Christmas fruit cake, True treat bar pack of 5, stir it up, a true bar, and coated crispies. SMOOR captures the delicious taste of chocolates across myriad products and packages them tastefully to offer a truly artistic presentation.