Daughters Day Special

Daughters Day Special





Ruby Chocolate Fruit & Nut Bar
Rs. 450.00
Ruby Chocolate Fruit & Nut Bar   Ingredients Milk chocolate [Sugar, Cocoa butter, Milk solids, Cocoa solids, Acidity regulator (INS – 330), Emulsifier (INS – 322(i))], Mixed dry fruits and nuts (18%) (Cashew, Almond, Pistachio, Mango, Cranberry). CONTAINS ADDED FLAVOUR (Natural flavouring substance (Vanilla)). Allergen Advice Product contains milk solids, tree nuts and soya. Storage Information Store the Product in a Clean, Dry and Hygienic condition, away from direct sunlight at 15⁰ to 20⁰C.
Strawberry Nougat Hamper (PACK OF 15)
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At SMOOR, there is nothing 'regular'. So, nougat – which is essentially a sweet made from honey or sugar and egg white – gets a delicious makeover with luscious strawberries and the finest chocolate. While strawberries and chocolate are a popular pair, our luxury chocolate hamper brings you strawberries in nougat, coated with luxury chocolate, take the whole culinary experience to a different level. The tangy sweetness and distinct flavour of strawberries make these bars perfect for those moments when you crave something to nibble on. Surprise a loved one with this chocolate gift hamper of 15 delicious bars today, or order in a pack for yourself.   This is a chocolate gift hamper you can carry to a birthday when visiting a friend and any other occasion. Or you can choose to keep the bars handy for your own snacking needs. (Of course, if you know your friend likes...
All Occasion - Dark Chocolate Gift Box (Pack of 40)
Rs. 775.00
A chocolate extravaganza, this dark chocolate gift hamper full of 40 rich dark chocolates is part of our True Treat range. Carry this gift to a dark chocolate lover, and you would have made a friend for life. With a delightful embossing of the cocoa bean on the dark chocolate bars, the generous percentage of cocoa butter in our dark chocolate makes for dense, decadent chocolates that are great as desserts; and pairs equally well with a cup of fine Darjeeling. Take home as a well-deserved indulgence or gift to a special friend. No need for an occasion. The chocolates are the celebration. Get your special dark chocolate delivery ordered now!    In the last few decades, dark chocolates have seen plenty of good press as they are said to be good for the heart. Packed with antioxidants, premium dark chocolates are for mature tastes, people who like the flavour of real chocolate without it being blended with milk...
Luxury Couverture Chocolates - Box of 5
Rs. 400.00
A luxury couverture chocolate box of five creamy, cocoa-rich couverture chocolates in distinctive exotic flavours – a delectable sweet touch guaranteed to brighten your day. These smooth Belgian chocolate bites make for a perfect celebration chocolate box for your loved ones and a great snack for you to nibble on any time of the day. The chocolates come packed in an artisanal box with a botanical print and a ‘Truly Gifted’ ribbon – a charming no-reason surprise for a loved one. The luxury chocolate bites come with a gorgeous melt. Each bite is a beautifully complex blend of cocoa butter, dark chocolate, white chocolate or milk chocolate. Whether you are looking for a celebration chocolate box gift for yourself or to send out a chocolate delivery to your best friend, this melt-in-the-mouth luxury couverture chocolate box of 5 is your go-to.   Celebration Chocolate Box Gift Ideas Spontaneity makes for...
Luxury Couverture Chocolates - Box of 12
Rs. 890.00
The rich taste of creamy cocoa butter, the hallmark of our couverture Belgian chocolates, is a must-experience. This luxury couverture chocolate box come with distinct flavours (chilli too!) and make the perfect chocolate gift pack. The charming chocolate boxes featuring retro botanicals on the cover opens up to 12 premium chocolates. Show someone you care with your chocolate gift pack - now! This exquisite box of 12 from SMOOR encapsulates the elegance and sophistication of genteel living and is the perfect gift to carry when visiting a friend. You may also arrange for a surprise chocolate delivery and send it along with a personalised, handwritten note.   Chocolate gift pack… An olive branch Sometimes, in the hurly-burly of daily life, we step on toes, and hurt people. Often, we regret doing so but hesitate to reach out to say, ‘I am sorry’. Send across chocolate, not just any chocolate but small delicious bites in different flavours, nestling...
Red Velvet Cup Cake
Rs. 120.00
The signature red velvet sponge takes on the deepest tint of red that contrasts exquisitely against the opaline swirls of cream cheese. For your taste buds, these bites of ecstasy double beautifully as red velvet Christmas cupcakes or red velvet birthday cupcakes too. While they just shout celebration, you can enjoy them just as much when you crave a generous portion of a red velvet cake in a mug.   A symbol of artistry, fantasy, and true elegance, a red velvet cupcake is ideal for anyone who likes a certain richness in taste and experience.   Savouring the Romance of a Red Velvet Cupcake Loaded with flavour and intensity, the red velvet cupcake can be equally enjoyed alone or amid company. It is ideal for making an ordinary evening stand out or take a special occasion to the next level. That’s what makes our red velvet birthday cupcakes the most...
Almond Sensation
Rs. 1,200.00
It’s easy to drown in the delicious depths of good chocolate. And when finely roasted almonds add their exquisite nutty edge to it, the result is beyond satisfying. SMOOR’s Almond Sensation Box comes with 16 pieces of carefully handcrafted chocolates choc-a-bloc with roasted almond slivers – an epicurean delight! This versatile nut goes superbly well with both milk and dark chocolate, and so this stylish chocolate selection box has 8 milk and 8 dark chocolates – the answer to all your sweet cravings.  Who can say “no” to an almond chocolate box? SMOOR’s Almond Sensation makes the perfect chocolate gift set for every loved one, for when chocolate pairs up with roasted almonds, it truly is a match made in heaven.  Almond Chocolate Box – Why it is the world’s favourite gift! Almond chocolates sit high up on the global list of best artisanal chocolates. So much so that there...
Blueberry Dragees
Rs. 600.00
Delicious blueberries enrobed in the finest dark chocolate, our Blueberry Dragees strike the perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavours. The subtly tart notes of blueberry bring out the richness of dark chocolate, making for an indulgent treat. The biscuit-y crunch and hint of salt add to the bouquet of taste of this delicious treat. Take home the Blueberry Dragees for your snacking pleasure or gift a friend who likes fruit and chocolate pairings.   Our Blueberry Dragees are addictive, bite-sized treats that combine the goodness of tart blueberries and velvety smooth dark chocolate to tempt your senses and satiate your sweet cravings. The classy black box the treats come in makes for a great gift as well. A guilt-free alternative to candy To indulge your sweet tooth without the guilt that often comes with doing so, opt for our Blueberry Dragees that are not only delicious but also healthy....
Butterscotch Barks - 250g
Rs. 600.00
When chocolate and butterscotch come together in SMOOR Butterscotch Barks, they bring along a perfect medley of sweet and salty flavours. This unique treat is a cooled layer of dark and milk chocolate with salted butterscotch broken into rustic shards. Enjoy them with high tea or as a take-along snack to work on busy days.   Whimsical pieces of dark and milk chocolate made from smooth cocoa butter and topped with a layer of sinful butterscotch come as SMOOR Butterscotch Barks. Pop a few and get instant energy from this crunchy any-time snack. A FRIEND THAT COMES TO YOUR RESCUE EVERY TIME Bored with the routine breakfast menu? Open up a Butterscotch Barks pack and place a few pieces on a warm toast. Your sweet tooth nagging for a quick dessert? Place a few shards of this treat in a small serving bowl and top it up with some mint...
Belgium Chocolate Truffle Cake (Eggless) - 500g
Rs. 850.00
Our signature Belgium Chocolate Truffle Cake is every chocolate connoisseur’s delight. Wonderfully textured, the soft chocolate sponge is layered with dark chocolate creamy ganache, making this dessert cake the perfect end to any meal, or a standalone indulgence. Elegant and dense with the sinful richness of chocolate cream, the moist eggless signature chocolate cake takes center stage on any occasion. The celebratory cake pairs equally well with a glass of red wine as well as hot chocolate, or even a light herbal tea. From anniversary parties with family and friends or any such special occasion to a quiet evening with a loved one, this Belgium Chocolate Truffle cake is a perfect choice. Buy it from our signature cake shop!   Chocolate cake is the comfort food we all deserve Do you know why chocolate scores high as comfort food? Scientists say that comfort foods are associated with caregivers of our...
Macarons (Box of 16)
Rs. 1,300.00
Delicate French style macarons with a crunchy exterior and soft smooth fillings. This assorted box of 16 macarons comes in a host of flavors including coconut, caramelized almond & hazelnut praline, chocolate, mango, passionfruit, pistachio, rose, salted caramel, strawberry, and vanilla.   INGREDIENTS Milk Solids, Sugar, Almond Powder, Egg, Dark Chocolate [Cocoa Solids, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier(INS 322)], White Chocolate [Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Milk Solids, Emulsifier (INS 322)], Milk Chocolate [Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Milk Solids(24%), Cocoa Solids, Emulsifier (INS 322)], Strawberry Puree [Strawberry (85.6%), Sugar], Passion Puree [Passion Fruit (85%), Sugar), Mango Pulp [Alphonso Mango Pulp (95%), Sugar (5%), Acidity Regulator (INS 330)], Coconut Milk, Desiccated Coconut Powder, Prunes, Hazelnut Paste (100%), Almond Paste (100%), Pista Paste (100%), Cocoa Solids, Sesame seeds, Sea Salt. ALLERGEN ADVICEContains Milk Solids, Tree nuts, Egg, Soya & Sesame Seeds. STORAGE INFORMATIONStore at below 4-5°C.
Luxury Couverture Chocolates - Box of 16
Rs. 1,050.00
It’s a chocolate explosion box online – a burst of flavours to awaken the senses and then soothe them into blissful satisfaction. When the finest grade chocolate finds expert hands to craft it into beautiful bites, the result is nothing short of outstanding. SMOOR’s Luxury Couverture Chocolates – Box of 16 is the perfect example of this gorgeous blend. This chocolate flaunts a unique shine and the perfect snap when you bite into its luscious goodness!  High on our list of gourmet best-sellers, this beautiful box of Belgian chocolates is a gastronome’s favourite. Little wonder then that this luxury couverture chocolate box makes a perfect chocolate gift pack for your loved ones and yourself! What makes a luxury couverture chocolate box Ground to a much finer consistency during the production process than regular chocolate, couverture chocolate is also given a higher percentage of cocoa butter. The result – a superior...