Birthday Special

Birthday Special





Belgium Chocolate Truffle Cake (Eggless) - 500g
Rs. 850.00
Our signature Belgium Chocolate Truffle Cake is every chocolate connoisseur’s delight. Wonderfully textured, the soft chocolate sponge is layered with dark chocolate creamy ganache, making this dessert cake the perfect end to any meal, or a standalone indulgence. Elegant and dense with the sinful richness of chocolate cream, the moist eggless signature chocolate cake takes center stage on any occasion. The celebratory cake pairs equally well with a glass of red wine as well as hot chocolate, or even a light herbal tea. From anniversary parties with family and friends or any such special occasion to a quiet evening with a loved one, this Belgium Chocolate Truffle cake is a perfect choice. Buy it from our signature cake shop!   Chocolate cake is the comfort food we all deserve Do you know why chocolate scores high as comfort food? Scientists say that comfort foods are associated with caregivers of our...
Birthday Hamper (Small)
Rs. 1,250.00
What’s better than a chocolate gift hamper full of delicious treats to wish someone “Happy Birthday!”? Greet the birthday boy or birthday girl with a luxury chocolate box filled with couverture chocolates, a pack of chocolate coated nuts, our special innovations, Stir-it-up, & more. Arrange an online chocolate delivery before their big day and give them a hearty surprise!   Looking for luxury gift hampers that promises to meet your exacting standards? You’re in the right place. SMOOR is just a click away! Our delectable chocolate hamper for birthday consists of artisanal chocolate treats – a Happy Birthday chocolate bar (50g), center-fill cookies, a pack of Coated Nuts (50g), Luxury Couverture Chocolates (Box of 5) & our special innovation, Stir-it-up, all come together in this pretty little hamper. A Quick History of Birthday GiftsHave you ever thought of where the birthday gift ideas came from? Well, you can thank the...
Ruby Chocolate Roasted Almond Bar
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Ruby Chocolate Roasted Almond Bar    Ingredients Milk chocolate [Sugar, Cocoa butter, Milk solids, Cocoa solids, Acidity regulator (INS – 330), Emulsifier (INS – 322(i))], Almond (18%). CONTAINS ADDED FLAVOUR (Natural flavouring substance (Vanilla)). Allergen Advice Product contains milk solids, tree nuts and soya. Storage Information Store the Product in a Clean, Dry and Hygienic condition, away from direct sunlight at 15⁰ to 20⁰C.
All Occasion - Milk Chocolate Gift Box (Pack of 40)
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Did you know that milk chocolate – the most popular chocolate – was only invented in 1875? Swiss inventor Daniel Peter combined cocoa and condensed milk, and voila! Milk chocolate was born. This pack of 40 delicious SMOOR True Treats milk chocolate gift box comes with an edge: The chocolates in this chocolate gift hamper are true couverture chocolates made with a high percentage of rich, creamy cocoa butter. The milk chocolate couverture bars are nestled in charming artisan gift boxes with botanical prints of cocoa beans, making them perfect gifts that look as good as they taste.   Milk chocolate is a 'safe' gift to carry as its popularity is universal. It's also great to stock at home. You can serve it as a dessert to follow meals, with afternoon tea or as an anytime snack. Milk chocolates are rich in antioxidants and are particularly good for children. Milk Chocolate Cupcakes & More Crush the versatile chocolate lightly and top everyday...
Choco Bouquet (Small)
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The language of love doesn’t limit itself. Our Chocolate Bouquet is one of many ways you can tell someone how much you love and care for them. In this decadent chocolate gift hamper, indulgent chocolate lollipops wrapped in gold foil and set in a beautiful red backdrop make for a bedazzling bouquet. Savour the delicious chocolate lollipops slowly – making the experience memorable. This is true luxury chocolate at its best. Get it for your partner for Valentine day, Anniversary or just because you want to tell them how precious they are to you. Search for luxury chocolate gifts and see us pop up!   A stunning bouquet of decadent chocolate, crafted with love and care, for the times when words fail to express how you feel about someone. Or the perfect one-of-a-kind, anytime gift for the special person in your life.   Why luxury chocolates are a great gift...
Fruit & Nut Dark Chocolate Bar
Rs. 480.00
Could anyone ever say no to some good ol’ chocolate? Not us! Loaded with 80 percent dark chocolate and complete with the goodness of rich raisins and roasted nuts, our Fruit & Nut Dark Chocolate Bar packs a punch, and then some. The delectable, melt-in-your-mouth flavours make it such an irresistible offering that you can’t keep your hands off. Whether you are craving a dark chocolate fruit and nut bar or on the lookout for successful gifting options, the texture, aroma, and wholesome taste of this offering make it a winning combo. Not to forget, that tad bit of crunch that you could only get in a fulfilling Fruit & Nut Dark Chocolate Bar makes it unforgettable!   From serving as a great gift option for near and dear ones to a must-have for those with a sweet tooth, the Fruit & Nut Dark Chocolate Bar is a healthy, wholesome...
True Bar - Biscuit Crunch Chocolate
Rs. 210.00
The richness of quality chocolate with the crunchiness of fresh cookies – what’s there not to like? Our True Bar Biscuit Crunch Chocolate Bar comes packaged in delightful wrappers with illustrations of cookies and cocoa in a quirky combo, leading you into a burst of taste. Created with quality ingredients, this beautiful bar of chocolate embossed with a cocoa motif makes for a great gift to carry along wherever you go. This True Bar Biscuit Crunch Chocolate is right for any occasion and any time of the day. In fact, it is so creamy and delicious that you would be looking for an excuse to indulge in this yummy experience. Our suggestion? Satisfy your in-between-meals hunger pangs with our biscuit-crunch chocolate True Bar. Pairs deliciously with a cup of warm beverage. The promise of quality The True Bars from SMOOR are a class apart. They bear the promise of premium...
All Occasion - Dark Chocolate Gift Box (Pack of 40)
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A chocolate extravaganza, this dark chocolate gift hamper full of 40 rich dark chocolates is part of our True Treat range. Carry this gift to a dark chocolate lover, and you would have made a friend for life. With a delightful embossing of the cocoa bean on the dark chocolate bars, the generous percentage of cocoa butter in our dark chocolate makes for dense, decadent chocolates that are great as desserts; and pairs equally well with a cup of fine Darjeeling. Take home as a well-deserved indulgence or gift to a special friend. No need for an occasion. The chocolates are the celebration. Get your special dark chocolate delivery ordered now!    In the last few decades, dark chocolates have seen plenty of good press as they are said to be good for the heart. Packed with antioxidants, premium dark chocolates are for mature tastes, people who like the flavour of real chocolate without it being blended with milk...
Strawberry Nougat Hamper (PACK OF 15)
Rs. 375.00
At SMOOR, there is nothing 'regular'. So, nougat – which is essentially a sweet made from honey or sugar and egg white – gets a delicious makeover with luscious strawberries and the finest chocolate. While strawberries and chocolate are a popular pair, our luxury chocolate hamper brings you strawberries in nougat, coated with luxury chocolate, take the whole culinary experience to a different level. The tangy sweetness and distinct flavour of strawberries make these bars perfect for those moments when you crave something to nibble on. Surprise a loved one with this chocolate gift hamper of 15 delicious bars today, or order in a pack for yourself.   This is a chocolate gift hamper you can carry to a birthday when visiting a friend and any other occasion. Or you can choose to keep the bars handy for your own snacking needs. (Of course, if you know your friend likes...
Dark & Delicious bars (Pack of 3)
Rs. 925.00
The virtues of dark chocolate have been much discussed the world over, and we have plenty of dark chocolate goodness to offer. But at SMOOR, we always believe in going the extra mile to bring you something extra special. This pack of luxury dark chocolate bars has 3 distinct variants: sweet-sour cranberry (great skin-food) dark chocolate; zesty orange (vitamin C-rich) dark chocolate; and the popular dark chocolate with dry fruits. Indulge in the rich creaminess of couverture chocolates, or gift a pack to your chocolate-loving friend to sweeten her day.   A square or two of dark chocolate is allowed in most strict diets as well. Dark chocolate takes care of sweet cravings and gives you a healthy dose of anti-oxidants. Touted to be good for the heart, dark chocolate is also low on sugar – so all in all, it’s that rare thing: a healthy indulgence! Dark chocolate: guilt-free...
8 Texture Cake Slice
Rs. 284.00
A blend of eight decadent layers of chocolate, giving you an ultimate feel of extravagance luxury and self indulgence.     Ingredients Caster sugar, Egg, Milk, Cream, Dark chocolate (70%) [Cocoa solids, Sugar, Cocoa butter, Emulsifier (INS 322 INS 476)], Maida, cocoa powder, icing sugar, almond flakes, French biscuit[Refined wheat flour(Maida), Sugar, Egg, Glucose syrup, Raising agent(Ammonium hydrogen carbonate, Sodium hydroxide], Glucose. CONTAINS ADDED NATURAL VANILLA FLAVOURING SUBSTANCE.   Allergen Advice Contains Soya, Gluten, Milk Solids, Egg, Tree nut   Storage Information Store in cool and dry place at below 5°c.
Malt Nougat Hamper (Pack of 15)
Rs. 375.00
Does anyone hate snacks? We think not! Our Malt Nougat Hamper (Pack of 15) is guaranteed to top the charts and makes a perfect gift for him or her - basically all who seek to keep their snacking treats light and satisfying. These chewy nougat bars with coated chocolate sport a malt flavour, making them a delicious option for the times one is struck by sudden chocolate cravings. Our 15 chocolate bars hamper works great as a chocolate delivery to your sweet tooth BFF or as keep-handy chocolate snacks for yourself. Go for it. Make munching on snacks an even more pleasurable activity with our Malt Nougat Hamper. Look for luxury chocolates online and order this right away! A Promise of Safe DeliverySMOOR is keenly focused on ensuring high-quality checks at every aspect of the processing chain – from sourcing, production and packaging to safely delivering the goodies and ensuring...