Asian Delight

Asian Delight





Mee Goreng Noodles (Veg)
Rs. 320.00
Asian Style wok tossed spicy fried noodles with vegetables.
Fried Rice (Chicken)
Rs. 315.00
Rice tossed with chicken.
Veg Green Thai Curry
Rs. 500.00
Babycorn, carrot, mushrooms, broccoli and beans served with Jasmine rice.
Stirfried Cilantro Noodles (Veg)
Rs. 320.00
Noodles tossed with cilantro sauce and vegetables.
Hakka Noodles (Chicken)
Rs. 340.00
Authentic noodles tossed with chicken.
Burnt Chilli Fried Rice (Veg)
Rs. 390.00
Rice tossed with burnt chilli & vegetables.
Hakka Noodles (Veg)
Rs. 320.00
Authentic noodles tossed with vegetables.
Stirfried Cilantro Noodles (Chicken)
Rs. 340.00
Noodles tossed with cilantro sauce and chicken.
Fried Rice (Veg)
Rs. 290.00
Rice tossed with vegetables.