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All Hampers

Get a flat 10% off when you buy our treats worth Rs.1499. Free Home Delivery

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30 days of Love Advent Calendar
Rs. 5,505.00
Love, life, and luxury – that’s what the 30 Days of Love Advent Calendar celebrates. The vibrancy of life is captured perfectly in the colours and arresting botanicals on the inside of the box that houses the 30 ‘chambers of sweetness’. The gift box contains 30 special SMOOR goodies, one for each day of Advent leading up to Christmas. Package your heartfelt emotions in this limited-edition gift box from SMOOR. A delightful salute to a wonderful tradition.     Neat little grooves form a hidden compartment containing a special something for each of the 30 days leading up to Christmas. The treats contained in the 30 Days of Love Advent Calendar box have been hand-picked with care and love, and make for a meaningful gift for all.   Bringing cheer to your calendar SMOOR's exclusive treats make all 30 days of a month a celebration of cheer and love. Enjoy...
Wellness in a box (Small)
Rs. 2,550.00
Indian traditions are all about wellness and health. Even in our festivals, we celebrate health and vitality in various forms. SMOOR takes up the tradition and adds to it with the finest healthy Diwali hampers full of quality products such as our Wellness Bark, Chocolate callets, No added sugar bar, Vegan bites and Tea.   This Hamper contains 1. No added sugar Bites  2. Tea 3. 2 Callets  4. Wellness barks - 1 piece - Amla 5. No added sugar bar
Wellness in a box (Large)
Sold Out
It is tricky to take care of ourselves and others in the world we live in. Our 'Wellness in a box' hamper is perfect for anyone who wants to keep their healthy eating habits in mind; and works wonderfully as a thoughtful gift to give this Diwali as well. This includes Oat and cranberry cookies, Thins, Peanut butter spread, Vegan bites, Wellness bark, 2 packets of chocolate callets, No added sugar bites, and a pouch of nuts. If you are looking for a healthy hamper for someone you care about, arrange for our Wellness Hamper to be home delivered today.   This Hamper contains 1. Thins 2. Oat and cranberry cookies 3. Peanut butter 4. Vegan bites 5. 1 Wellness bark - Ashwagandha or whatever is available 6. Tea 7. 2 packs of callets 8. Nut pouch
Rs. 3,086.00
Exotic, enchanting, and truly exquisite! The Exotica gift hamper is packed with an attractive array of unusual goodies. The hamper contains Chocolate Barks, an Almond Sensation Pack of 5, cookies, a deliciously blended Mayan bar, and a delicious True Bar chocolate. The perfect gift for a chocolate lover. The vibrant red of this artful hamper with a handle is by itself a gift that will stand to remind the giftee about you long after the sweets are gone.  You needn’t always pick this as a gift. The Exotica gift hamper works perfectly as a centerpiece at your dessert table as well! Partake in the best that the world of chocolates offers, and share these delectable chocolate creations with your loved ones. Getting poetic about chocolateRich chocolate, pure and true A hint of nuts for those who choose; Barks and biscuits - your taste buds will tease, The Exotica gift hamper...
All Occasion - Milk Chocolate Gift Box (Pack of 40)
Rs. 856.00
Did you know that milk chocolate – the most popular chocolate – was only invented in 1875? Swiss inventor Daniel Peter combined cocoa and condensed milk, and voila! Milk chocolate was born. This pack of 40 delicious SMOOR True Treats milk chocolate gift box comes with an edge: The chocolates in this chocolate gift hamper are true couverture chocolates made with a high percentage of rich, creamy cocoa butter. The milk chocolate couverture bars are nestled in charming artisan gift boxes with botanical prints of cocoa beans, making them perfect gifts that look as good as they taste.   Milk chocolate is a 'safe' gift to carry as its popularity is universal. It's also great to stock at home. You can serve it as a dessert to follow meals, with afternoon tea or as an anytime snack. Milk chocolates are rich in antioxidants and are particularly good for children. Milk Chocolate Cupcakes & More Crush the versatile chocolate lightly and top everyday...
Royal Wedding Hamper
Rs. 8,254.00
So, you have got the wedding invite or have just heard about the engagement from a friend and are frantically thinking about perfect couple gift ideas. This could be a tricky one – especially if you’re looking to gift someone super fussy or who has everything! No worries. Check out our thoughtfully put together, specially crafted Royal Wedding Hamper/Couple Gift Hamper. Though not a competition to the beautiful bride’s diamond ring, this stunning chocolate hamper can definitely rank you on top of the “great gifts list”, making it the best wedding gift hamper for bride and groom! So, book one for the knot!   Planning a wedding is a demanding task, and so is planning the best wedding gift. Our Couple Gift Hamper fits in this scenario effortlessly, giving you all the feel-good vibes of gift-giving. How? Find the reasons below.   What’s in the Couple Gift Hamper that makes...
Rs. 1,215.00
Healthy relationships at work are the foundation of any successful venture. And mentoring is a big part of this. Try our Eleganza corporate hampers for a little SMOOR sweetness to say ‘good job’, ‘thank you for your service’ or ‘congratulations’, and watch the faces light up. Nothing like a chocolate incentive to spread good cheer at the workplace. SMOOR’s corporate gift hamper offers a pack of Center fill Cookies, a pack of Coated Nuts (50g), a True Bar (50g) and 2 Callets pouches. All deliciously chocolaty. This is one of those rare corporate gifts which is genuinely welcomed. It may be carried home (if it’s a farewell hamper, for instance) but does very well in the office as well. A delicious chocolate cookie is just the boost one needs to get through morning meetings. The True Bar coverture chocolate bar satisfies sudden chocolate cravings, and the nuts and the little...
Mini Delight - Ethnic
Sold Out
If you are looking to create delight in the occasion gifting experience, then this is a miniature explosion you cannot afford to miss. The tastefully designed gift box brings you a burst of flavours and healthy delights. A keepsake box inspired with a design that reminds you of Indian culture and beauty, with contents being Bites, Centre fill cookies, True treats bar, stir it up and a true bar. The richness of the gifts within places this Diwali special chocolate box among our premium gift hampers.   Our premium gift hampers are all about class, style, festivity and, of course, a delicious medley of tastes. The sky-blue marble-print sleek packaging opens up to individually packed gifts, all nestled in their groves – making for a beautiful present you would love to carry for your host at any festive gathering.     Storage Information Store the Product in a Cool, Dry...
Mini Delight 1
Sold Out
Amaze your loved ones with our artisan Mini Delight luxury hampers, loaded with exquisite, mouth-watering chocolate treats. From SMOOR’s classic 12-piece box of premium chocolates and Enrobed Cookies to True Bars & Choco-coated Almond pack – each delicacy in the hamper speaks festive! Our Mini Delight luxury hampers are bursting with delectable flavours. They provide a glimpse into all things ‘SMOOR-sational’. Yes, we take immense pride in our premium gifting range – no efforts have been spared to ensure the highest quality and the finest assortment of treats to light up your season of festivities. After all, delicious goodies made of quality gourmet ingredients are one of the best ways to express your love for everyone close to you. Get chocolates delivered to your loved ones’ doorstep! In present times, it may be difficult to express your affection and gratitude for loved ones by being there physically. With SMOOR, you...
Congratulations (Large)
Rs. 3,600.00
Our Congratulations Hamper, a compact box of luxury chocolates is the perfect accompaniment for congratulatory wishes. Anniversaries, a new job, a new baby and even a house-warming, this treasure trove of nine different goodies make all occasions brighter. Images are for representation purposes only.   The beautiful Congratulations Chocolate Hamper opens to bite-sized luxury Belgian couverture delicacies in a chocolate box of 5 pcs, charming French-origin dragees given the SMOOR tweak, peanut butter, special freeze-dried coffee and more. Order to be delivered as a surprise or carry it along to wish in person.   This 'good times' congratulatory treat pack redefines snacking as a gourmet art. As you take moments to savour the good times, a cup of the aromatic SMOOR coffee with some coated nuts or chocolate 'pebbles' is the right accompaniment. The rich Classic Peanut Butter Spread will kick start your mornings and be the sweet reminder of your good fortune.   Success & Luxury Chocolate: perfect pairing The...
Celebration Hamper
Rs. 8,500.00
Vitality and happiness – that’s what the colour orange symbolise. This wonderful orange gift box is truly a ‘pamper hamper’ as it contains 12 goodies, all super delicious and chocolaty. This chocolate gift hamper can serve as a ‘gift of happiness’ for that special birthday, housewarming or any festive occasion, and you are sure to delight the giftee. From decadent couverture chocolate bars to quirky creations such as the ‘Stir it Up’ chocolate-on-a-stick, which one pops into milk to make drinking chocolate, and Danish butter cookies, this box is a gift of sweetness and joy. Sure, this chocolate gift box is for special occasions but do you really need an occasion to gift it? Not at all. If the person is special to you, why wait? Order the ‘happiness’ hamper to be delivered online as a no-reason chocolate gift hamper or take it along as a surprise gift. Instant delight...
Dark Bars Collection (Pack of 3)
Sold Out
What’s way better than a heavenly bar of dark chocolate? Three bars in different exotic flavours, of course! An assortment of fruits and nuts vie for your attention as you are verily spoilt for choice in SMOOR’s Dark Bars Collection. The 70% dark chocolate brings an intensity of richness that combines with zesty orange, cranberry and dry fruits to create a tasteful medley full of goodness. It’s rare to find everyone share in the same tastes. That’s why SMOORs Dark Bars Collection ensures that there is something that suits every temperament. If you’re passing it around at a party, expect it to be devoured in record time! A Collector’s Classic If you are looking to impress with a classy gift, you cannot go wrong with SMOOR’s Dark Bars Collection. The classy black pack with a retro botanical print opens up to three individually packed bars, each in its distinct wrapper,...