The History of the Macaron

  • Post by  Ragavendra Krishnan Nov 30, 2020
From Paris, With Love
The history of the macaron


Sweet, melt-in-your-mouth and petite - macarons are one of the most beautiful confectionaries around. Made with meringue & icing sugar, these small delights are very uniquely textured. Along with these sugary exteriors, you will find them have fillings like a smooth jam, buttercream or ganache of sorts, making biting into a macaron an experience in itself.

The history of the macaron is as delectable as its taste, here is a quick look of the same.


A royal affair
The macaron actually originated in Venice around the 8th century A.D but it picked up fame when it was brought to France during the Renaissance era when Catherine de' Medici, a French Queen, had them made by her Italian pastry chefs in 1533.

Who knew that close to 500 years later, we’d be sitting in Bangalore enjoying them in Smoor with a cup of piping hot chocolate?


The Macaron Sisters
The French macaron was actually popularised by two nuns, who are now known as the Macaron Sisters. They apparently baked and sold macarons to provide for their stay. Back then, it had no added flavouring or filling - it was just the original sugary delight!

We can’t say the same for our macarons - we love experimenting with flavours at Smoor. We do have the original vanilla flavour but we also have a whole bunch of exciting treats - coconut, passionfruit, rose and so much more!


Paris macarons
It wasn’t until the 20th century that creamy filling was added to the macaron, giving it that sandwiched feel. These were soon to be known as “Paris macarons”. They were later picked up in the U.S.A and marketed as the authentic Parisian confectionary.

Since its worldwide boom, every confectionary store, sweet-maker and baker loves putting their own twist to this versatile dessert.

In theory, there are only two versions of it - the sweeter, more powdery Italian macaron and the chewier Parisian macaron that tends to be less sweeter.

At Smoor, we use the Parisian recipe. We also explore multiple flavours.

However, different cultures and countries have various takes on the macaron including Japan with their experimental savoury flavours, Switzerland with their smaller and lighter versions, and of course the United States, with their chocochips, salted caramels and strawberry cheesecakes.

We at Smoor specialise in the art of macaron making. We stick to the original recipe but, as always, love putting our own fun twist to it. With multiple flavours, you’re spoilt for choice with us. Shop from our boxes of 3, 6 or 16 online only at

Happy macaron-ing!